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Friday, May 8, 2015

Oh, Hi Sunshine

After having my 2nd child Olivia, life totally took me to a different direction.Taking care of two kids and managing the household, my personal style fashion blogging always takes the back seat. My family and kids are always my number one priority. I have been absent in this blog for so long and my contents are all over the place and  not very consistent.So I decided to start fresh,  this time I'm the photographer and stylist of my little muse. Since my daughter likes to play dress up literally almost everyday , that gives me an idea to create a personal style blog for her.We both enjoy this little bonding together.I hope you will join us in this new journey . Visit our blog www.ohhisunshine.WordPress.com

Thank you all !

Monday, April 13, 2015

Nickelodeon Suites in Orlando

credits : Nick Suites
credits : Nick Suites

Every year we do our traditional family  vacation and we like to do it in the summer . I wish we can do it during winter but with Lucas's school  and husband's work, its not possible.Some Snow is nice and beautiful for a few days  but I easily get tired of it and winter activities is not my thing, maybe because I was born in the tropics. At least now we are finally getting some spring weather and I'm excited for what's in store for us this summer but before that let me refresh my memory last summer in Florida. So  hubs excitedly suggested  to go for  a road trip to Florida. I was like " what ?! hmmm no ".Her are my reasons. First, I haven't experience long road trips ,the farthest i went is just five hours away. Second, I was  thinking of our  two energetic kids at the back for twelve hours going to Orlando plus twelve hours going back, just by the thought of it, I'm already catching my breath. It took me awhile to agree with his  plan, we promise ourselves to handle the stress in a more positive attitude, you know how it is traveling with kids, always expect the unexpected. Since, its a road trip we plan to stay longer in Florida, about two weeks and we planned to venture out different hotels and resorts. First stop, Nick Suites.

Since both of my kids are obsessed with Nick Jr.,especially Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Dora the Explorer.We thought this resort is just perfect for them. In their website's photo gallery, the rooms looks very colorful and kid friendly but when I read the reviews in other website, they say the rooms are  outdated. But anyhow, we still pursue since Lucas really wanted to go there. When we first got there, the lobby looks really nice they have an interactive area on the side where there are tablets installed on the walls and bean bags so kids can play games while your trying to check-in. Right when we got inside I could already hear my kid's ooohs and aaahhhs. My tired 6 years old suddenly became energetic and he couldn't contain his excitement. My one year old at that time was really amazed with the  colorful pictures on the walls and the LCD screen with Dora in it. Right there I realized the long road trip is all worth it and this is going to be fun !

The first picture below is exactly what our room looks like, it does look nice and clean in the pictures but in real life, they need to upgrade. That couch, I don't even think power cleaning could do the job, it  looks dirty from overtime. I even put towels on top to cover it but then again, the kids  just mess it up. The floor needs to be carpet cleaned and the little details in the room looks outdated except the flat screened TV just like the one in the second picture below, but the rest of the rooms in which there are two  in this suite, have the old style 90's TV.

credits : Nick Suites
credits : Nick Suites

The kid's room is painted with Nickelodeon animated characters , so cute.
In a separate building they have what they call "The Mall". I wish I took a lot of pictures at The Mall but we were so pre-occupied with all the fun activities  with the kids. When we were not by the pool or went somewhere, The Mall is the place we hung out. They have everything there in The Mall. They have little shops for souveniers and essential needs, a huge food court on which they offer casual dining and character dining, where you can meet,greet and dine with your favorite Nick characters. They have a  list of schedule of the characters you can dine with. But if you don't feel like dining with them, you can just do a meet and greet. It's just right outside the lobby of the food court , if you happen to spot them right at the moment, that's cool . If not, they always have a schedule for certain times to meet your favorite characters and yes, the lines are long most of the time. Aside from that, they have a 4D  theater. Lucas really enjoyed it, him and my hubby watched every movie there, while me and Olivia stayed in our room . Either we are both taking a nap, or she is taking a nap and I get to enjoy a little quiet time.

interactive entertainment area at "The Mall"

We also went  to watch the Double Dare Live show which is also in the Mall. You can participate as a contestant , just check the schedule for the casting. You can just be an audience like us and clap along, it's really fun and entertaining. Even my one year old Olivia is enjoying it, especially when everybody clapped their hands she clapped her hands too with a big smile on her face. It's precious.

mini- golf station

My little princess, her dress matches the colors of the sofa and the wall. Cutie!

Looks like me and Olivia are ready to crash and wrap the day.
Mass Sliming

We enjoyed our experience in Nick Suites because they have a lot of fun  to offer for the family but the only thing I don't like are their rooms. They really need to update it. Other than that, the program, activities and fun amenities they offer is great.

This is it for now for our Orlando vacation, I will make another post for the rest of our adventure. I have been in a total blog hybernation and there is so much catching up to do.


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Neutral Tones and Rich Tones

Neutral Tones

neutral tones

I really love neutral tones , it is such a clean clean look. Gone are those days that they say, you can't wear white during winter time. Wearing white all year round is totally acceptable now. It just depend how you carry yourself and how you do your pairings.

Rich Tones

Rich Tones

      Ring - Gorjana / Sunglasses- Givenchy / Sweater- BCBGMAXAZRIA

You can never go wrong with rich tones for winter. Black, oxblood and gold is exactly my favorite hue for these chilly days. It looks classy,elegant and timeless.

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Thank you for reading and Happy Thanksgiving to all !


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Kiddie Corner : Toddler's Fall Fashion

Lately , I've been struggling with my blogging duties for quite awhile . You know, sometimes this life as a wife and a mom of two , things get a little out of hand and sometimes things get off balance. But as what they say, when you fall, you can always get up. So here I am again , back on the keyboard and sharing my inspirations.

Last month, me and my cousin did a photoshoot for our cutie patooties. I tell yah, it's definetely a challenge, especially when it was a bit windy and my little princess don't have the patience or even want anything to be put on her hair. I got lucky with the beanie that stays in place for a bit just to take a shot but the ribbon that is meant for her blue outfit, forget it. It doesn't stay ,even atleast a second.Somehow we wrap the shoot pretty good with the kids playing with the leaves and my princess forgot about the beanie on her head.

In Michigan, our winter could get really nasty. I hope this year won't be as bad as last year's winter. So before my kids starts to hymm the tune of Frozen's Do You Wanna Build A Snowman. I want to share this adorable fall pictures of my princess Olivia and her cousin Justin.

Thank you for reading !

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Kiddie Corner : My Angels

When I found out I was pregnant with my second child , I was so excited and my happiness is immeasurable. It took us awhile in trying to have a second child , I put myself into the pressure of  Lucas growing up being alone.My husband's family is not big, so basically Lucas is the only grandchild. My side of the family is in the Philippines, so basically Lucas don't get to see them as much. For someone like me, who comes from a big family and did a lot of fun stuff  growing up with my siblings and cousins. It's kind of sad to watch Lucas growing up as an only child. So we decided to have another baby , she didn't came right away as we expect it . I was freaking out , I was worried about the age gap. What if  , they might be too far apart (which they are already) and  they might not get along or they fight a lot ( hopefully not ). It even came to the point, that we are just going to stop trying and  then proceed on my plans on going back to school or go back to work again by the time he will be on full day kindergarten. I guess things happen when you least expect it. I got pregnant around May of 2012. We are so happy and so excited to tell Lucas that he is going to be a big brother. Since he always wanted to have a sibling , he was so excited and so happy when i broke the news to him because now he have somebody to play with aside from mommy and daddy. As I was going through the whole pregnancy thing again, I was always tired , nauseous and moody for the most part. I'm kind of a control freak at times. I was thinking, taking care of Lucas is  pretty handful let alone taking care of two kids.  Although my husband is always there to help me at anytime, there is this part of me that somehow want to do it all. I feel like I can do it better if I could do it myself , so that way if it got messed up I have nobody to blame it to other than myself . To some people, they perceived me as a calm and laid back mom but deep inside, I'm already freaking out and  about to have a nervous breakdown anytime soon. In having kids, it takes a lot to handle emotions and patience. Not to mention, a lot of energy to keep up with them. But no matter how challenging the situation is, I always try remind myself  to take things easy and do one thing at a time. Although sometimes it's really hard , but I always try my best to be the best I can be as person for I believe that setting a good example or being a good role model is the most that you can teach to your kids rather than just telling them what to do. It's not easy to be a parent but it is the most rewarding task , the joy and happiness it brings is immeasurable , it gives you strength that you didn't know it exist in you and most of all it brings out the best in you.

Thank you so much for reading .....



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