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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Its a nice ,cool and sunny day in MI so i wore my
chunky sweater.Im inspired from colorblocking style.So i color block my favorite autumn and winter colors.Purple,gray and brown.


Mom Fashion World said...

Looking so chic, Mommy!
I like the color combo of your outfit!

Thanks for your comment. Greatly appreciated.
I'm now following you in GFC, and would love a follow back.


april said...

thank you so much for the comment and for following! :) ive been ur follower since last week:)i love your blog,its amazing.

ADARAS.se said...

So chic! Love the bag! =)

Cindi said...

I found your blog through Chictopia and I really like your style! You've already inspired me to a couple of outfit ideas, thank you very much :) I am now following and I'm excited to see your next posts!




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