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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Flowy maxi skirt

When i saw this chiffon maxi skirt at forever 21.I fell in love with it .The style is so feminine and clean.I love how the lining in the skirt is short like your wearing a miniskirt underneath and the rest is just sheer and flowy... here is the photo.

I paired it with Maryjane heeled loafers

I think pairing it with a  sweater gives a little bit of a casual look

               Its chilly outside so i paired it with my brown leather jacket

   Im inspired of the hair of one blogger, her name is Wendy at  Wendy's Lookbook (check her blog its really awesome, so many inspirations).It looks so effortless chic yet pulled together thats why i love it. She did a tutorial on her You Tube Channel....i cant believe how easy it is. Here is the photo of my version,it may not be as perfect as Wendy's but atleast i tried :)

Sweater : Forever 21
Maxi skirt : Forever 21
Maryjane heeled loafers : Lauren Conrad @ kohls
leather jacket: joujou @ macys
bag: Louis Vuitton
Accesories : forever 21 for necklace, earings ( a gift from a friend) ,bracelet ( jennifer lopez @kohls),head band ( claires)


Naina said...

Ooh I like the pleated texture of the skirt. You're beautiful, hun!


april said...

thank you so much..i really appreciate that :) your beautiful too:)

Olga Shevchuk said...

Wow pretty look *_*


april said...

thanks a lot :)means much to me :)

Mom Fashion World said...

I am in love with your skirt.
Good thing you bought it, it looks great on you
and the color suit with your tan complexion.

Christine Yun said...

I've been looking for a flowy maxi skirt for a while now too! Guess I gotta go to Forever 21!


Mallory said...

I love pleated skirt, and the way you played this one down is perfect :)


Wida said...

I love maxi skirts ;) Those Mary Janes really look like Miu Mius!

Missing Amsie Blog

Pari Coleini said...

beautiful blog :)
I'd be happy if you check out my blog and follow if you like. xx


TaaFashionBlog said...


I made my blog also in English
At the end of Posts there are English text, so welcome to my blog :)


my_name_s said...

love it!! inspiring post. :D

Eunica said...

you looked capital AWESOME on that outfit! so MADAM! \m/

Tiny Closet said...

Beautiful skirt! Love the pleats and how they widen at the bottom. You put it together perfectly with the sweater, LV bag and glossy platforms, love it!! Very creative :)


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