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Friday, November 18, 2011

Harem Pants

 Another fall trend that is still hot this season is..the harem pants.The 90's style,Mc Hammer is famous in sporting this look.Its been out for quite awhile in the market and i have to say its still a favorite trend on runways.I have been hunting for so many years a good fitting harem pants that doesnt make me look bulky and short.Im 5 ft. tall so its really a challenge for me.What i like about this pants is that, its highwaisted ( a fave trend that i love right now) and the big slouchy pockets on the sides.Aside from that,they are so comfortable its almost like your wearing a sweatpants but looking chic ;).On the downside,it runs long but that is always been an issue for me because im so short.I usually have my pants altered or ill just cuff them.This look i  cuff them..do you think i should alter it or cuffing them ?

top : Jennifer Lopez @ kohls
harem pants :Jennifer Lopez @kohls
lace-up heels : forever 21
watch : Zodiac @ Nordstrom

                                          Thank you so much ! Have a nice day :) xoxoxox


alicia said...

I NEED these pants! too cute.

Jo said...

Ohh, harem pants look wonderful on you! <3 I especially like the colour you're wearing, and they go oh-so wonderfully with the heels!

Lost in the Haze

Kim, USA said...

I remember this pants in the 90's and it came back now. And you look gorgeous wearing this pants, carry mo!

Naina said...

I think you should just cuff them, it gives a little bit of roughness to an otherwise completely sophisticated look!


Alina said...

Great pants,hon!Love the top,also!


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