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Saturday, November 26, 2011


As all Americans out there know and most people around the world  ,Thanksgiving was 2 days ago and Black Friday was yesterday ( the big shopping event of the year).I was literally busy the whole week planning our thanksgiving dinner which i would bring over my parents-in- law.Usually they come over for thanksgiving,but then dad just had a hip surgery and he cant drive.Mom cant drive to our house because 45 mins drive is too far for her.So we decided to just go over there and bring foods.I made stuffed roasted chicken ( Rellenong Manok), chicken Scampi with angel hair pasta, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie and cheesecake.Mom made the turkey, i dont know how to make turkey.She also made mashed sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes.Everything was so good and i was stuffed.Im glad they like the food i made :) i was up since 5 am cooking :) Since its thanksgiving i dedicate this outfit for the occasion itself. Its sort of a  late 1970's casual party look.I remembered when i was younger when i looked through my mom's old pictures,she used to wear high waist skinny jeans and buttoned up shirts.

Top : Jennifer Lopez (yes i know im getting obsessed lol )
jeans : urban outfitters
high heeled loafer : lauren conrad
clutch : Macys
charm bracelet : Juicy Couture

By the way, hows your black friday? did you went shopping and joined in the crowds or you just stayed home and shopping online ? I joined in the crowds, thats been a tradition of me and my best girl friend  Vanessa.We are already at the mall 1:00 a.m.! starbucks and shopping.  I love it...I have awesome deals on all of the stuff i bought from my favorite stores.  Here is one of them that im gonna show you today. The rest, ill show it on my next posts when ill be wearing them. This one is the most im so excited about because its more tan 60 % off.

         Its poncho/cape style from GUESS.I love the how it drapes..makes me feel like little red
riding hood.The length on me (im 5ft) is an inch below my bottom.


I love the button detail and the faux fur !

Ok here it is, ill run down the discounts ! Original retail price is  $ 168.00.Its additional 50 % off.So its $84.00 now.Plus i have a $ 25 off coupon from my Guess List rewards.So i got it for only $ 60 plus tax.Im so excited because i have been hunting for a good coat with a style like this for months and the price is up there..over a $100 .I dont mind paying that amount if its really something you really like but this deal is  awesome and i LOVE the style.I cant pass it up.

Im sure you guys have good deals too during your black friday shopping adventure.Thank you so much for reading !!! Have a great day!


Kim, USA said...

This outfit remind me of my high school and college. If I know this blouse would come back I may keep those tops that I have before hehe, kung mag kasya hahaha. I like the deals you've got here. Can't wait to see it. Happy weekend!

mpowell said...

good deal- i myself been looking for a dressy winter stuff.. some are just too bulky bt u got a nice find.

april said...

thanks so much girl..i know winter coats are kinda challenging to find for us petite girls :)


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