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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

yellow orange

My little guy dont have a class today so me and my friend took our kids to the movies to watch Puss in Boots.They had a blast ofcourse.It was a pretty cute movie.My son watched it the whole time.

Orange top: Jennifer Lopez @ Kohls
Black oversize sweater : H&M
Leggings: @macys
Boots: Jessica Simpson@ Macys
Beret hat: @kohls
Bag: Dooney and Burke


 Yes, candy corn . The  ever popular candy of the season.I love the combination of yellow and
orange.Instead of me wearing white i prefer to wear black.I think the orange and yellow colors will pop out more if paired with black.

I love the styling Tory Burch did on her Runway Fashion Show Fall 2011.


Mom Fashion World said...

Don't you look so chic just to watch a movie, Mommy? How old is your son? He is cute :-)

april said...

Thank you so much for the comment :)My dear son is 3 and a half years old.

my_name_s said...

nice blog pril.. luv your style and how you transform yourself :D keep it up and we surely enjoy your site.

april said...

thank you so much :) im glad u love it..please join me and be one of my lovelies :) thanks

Sheryl said...

Hey April, thanks for stopping by my blog!! Congrats on your new blog and welcome to the blogger family.

You have such an adorable son. I love your outfits and my fav piece are those leggings with zippers on the back....pretty killer!! love that outfit post.

Following you back hun!



Clara Turbay said...

Great pictures for great ideas in this blog.
Please take some time to check out my blog.


Style Servings said...

Cute look!



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