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Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter Coat and Fall shoes

Like i mentioned before im gonna post the stuff i bought last black friday shopping adventure .
Lets start from the top. My dear friend Vanessa got me this blazer coat from Guess. Ofcourse,its on sale   for 50% off.Im so happy and excited.Thanks my dear i really love it a lot ! Incase if you like it too, you check the Guess store...i just check online to see if they still have it available coz i was gonna share you guys the link but unfortunately its not there anymore.So hopefully they still have it instore. They have it in 2 colors...brown and bluish gray ( one im wearing obviously) Vanessa got hers in brown its really cute too..this is how she styled hers.

Yes the faux fur is removable.So right there you can see the style is so versatile.It has a very nice tailored fit, it doesnt make you look bulky.I love the rich looking material and texture.I love the button details too and most of all...she got a good deal. I think less than a hundred for each one plus she got a coupon from her points. My skirt, youve seen this before from my past post..its from forever 21. Bag, i got that from Kohls . I got that for less than twenty bucks .I fell in LOVE with the design.You can wear it as sling bag or a clutch.The shoes, another black friday deal..its an Enzo Angiolini oxford wedge shoes, from Macy's. Its originaly $ 140.00 its on sale for 50 % off plus additional 20 %  off from my coupon . I payed $55.00. I love it coz you can wear it basically with anything plus its a wedge ( i love wedges ) .Incase , you like it check this link >  Macys  .Its priced more already from what i bought  :( but  good news i just check DSW and they priced it a little cheaper than
Macys >> DSW . I love it when i get a good deal ..we all are ! Specially on name brand stuff. But i dont buy also just because it on sale coz then you will end up spending more on stuffs you dont get to use or dont even need. I like to buy an item that i can wear in different occasions and something that goes with almost everything in my closet.

Hope you guys had a great weekend.Im sure most of us will be busy with Holiday parties coming up or probably already been last weekend.Have a good day and thank you for reading !!! xoxox


Kim, USA said...

Hello Pril, you and Vanessa are having fun with your deals. It's beautiful and you can mix and match with other colors too. About my post, yes it is worth the time, effort and money he got me lol!!

cryskay said...

cute coat! love the fur detailing. xx

jamie said...

i really love your look!

Cindi said...

Great match of colours and materials, I really like your bag! :)




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