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Monday, October 31, 2011

My Trick or Treat (er)

My son Lucas..as you can see he is a Transformer for Halloween.He is the one who picked out his costume,he said he wanna be the transformer bumbble bee.At first he was anxious to put on his costume, but when i told him people give out candies when  your wearing a costume.His eyes lit up
and immediately put it on. Then we went  trick or treating .When we get home after trick or treat i gave him a few candies then put the rest away in the cabinet and told him to save it for the next day.I just hope he wont ask tommorow.It was a fun and exciting day!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Im a bounty hunter :) what are you for halloween ?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

How to style Leopard Print ! Featuring: Shoes and Scarf

The Shoes

  I styled my Leopard Print Maryjane pump heels with a palettes of nude, black and gold.I always dress for my body and my skin tone. I wore shorts to elongate my legs coz im such a shortie ! I love nudes coz it brighten up my warm skintone.Overall i also love  the glitz of gold and metallics and  my featured item..the shoes..gives that modern safari edgy effect.

shoes : ur lucky its on sale!


There is so many ways how to style a leopard print scarf out there.I just wanna share with you one way to incorporate them in your oufit.This is a template creation i did at polyvore.com. I love the look im going for here, its modern and edgy.As you can see the outfit is basically a plain black tank top,tailored black blazer and high waisted shorts to have that retro vibe which is coming back on trend and i love it coz it covers my sagging belly after childbirth ;).The accesories here is what makes The Look.From sunglasses,red pumps,bracelet,tights,purse and ofcourse my featuring item topic Leopard print Scarf.

How to style Leopard Print

How to style Leopard Print by april-steve featuring high waisted jean shorts

James Perse black tank
$107 - my-wardrobe.com

Black boyfriend blazer
$130 - topshop.com

High waisted jean shorts
$60 - topshop.com

Fogal opaque tight
€115 - pret-a-beaute.com

Christian louboutin pumps
$895 - bergdorfgoodman.com

€3.331 - lindestore.com

Leopard print scarve
£197 - crumpetengland.com

House Of Harlow 1960 Nicole Sunglasses In Solid Black As Seen On...
$125 - shopambience.com

Instead of  denim shorts you can also pair it with black jeans for  an everyday look , trousers for business casual and skirt (tuck in the tank top) for a date night !

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Retro Style

I love the 60's and 70's style.There is something about it from clothes to make up, smokey eyes and nude lips.Hot! Hippie style...love it.


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