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Monday, January 9, 2012


I remember when i was still in the Philippines, my mom used to make pancit (lo mein) every Sunday. She makes
the  best pancit ever ! and today i feel like making one and documenting it. This is what i wore except the heels
and red lipstick. I just love the oriental pattern of this kimono cardigan from H&M, that i have to make an outfit
post. So after dinner i put on my red heels and red lipstick and this is it !
Check on my page A MOM'S LIFE and cook with me :)
kimono cardigan : H&M ( $5 ! )
Shoes : Guess


Emma said...

Pretty, come by my blog. Love it if you follow. Following :)

xo Emma

Kassi said...

I love and want your kimono. It is gorgeous on you!


Alina said...

Great pics,hon!Love the kimono!

Baby Budget Blog said...

Gorgeous Kkmono! Love the reds in it! Searching for one myself!

Just found your blog! Would you like to follow each other??


Arden said...

That kimono is gorgeous!! I love the print, and you styled it well. xx

Cindi said...

You look amazing as always :) I like your kimono and the heels and lipstick really gives it the last touch of personality. Great outfit! :)



Baby Budget Blog said...

Hey again! I'm following back :)


Kim, USA said...

That looks on you Pril. Great color too!

Lydia said...

This is so glam, but I love that you're drinking OJ in your kitchen. It makes me feel like you're just that glamorous type of woman who looks fabulous all the time just hanging around her house. I love the kimono style wrap.

Style-Delights said...

love everything in this outfit!!! You have a great style sense!

marina miouprincess said...

love the shoes!


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