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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fashion Designer : Aldwin Ornopia Guardiana

Aldwin Ornopia Guardiana is a   Filipino designer of Art Fashion in Abu Dabi , his designs has been featured in Illustrado ( the magazine for international filipino) .His creations are  most of the time haute couture and  recently a mind blowing avant garde inspired by the unique skycraper  Urban Forest Chongqing, China’s skyline .Here is the link of the full article of his amazing creation,absolutely breathtaking >>URBAN ORGANIC.Aldwin's haute couture creations are inspired by feminity and romanticism.They are elaborate and embellished with beautiful accents of silk,tulles,laces, delicate crystals and beads.It is vibrant without being too loud, It speaks overall class.Im so proud to say that Aldwin Guardiana is my friend and a classmate way back in college under medical science.I remember way back then when we were hanging out along the school hallways or by the cafeteria or between class breaks ,he always talks about beautiful gowns of designers and beauty pageants in towns.By then,I can tell how much he loves fashion and how passionate he is just by the tone of his voice and the excitement in his eyes when he talks about designers and gowns.So, i wasnt surprised when he shifted from becoming a physical theraphist to become a fashion designer. A rising star of his chosen career path. As the saying goes " Dreams dont work unless you do " that means we have to do something about what we really want in life or else it
will never happen. Aldwin im so proud and happy for you my friend.I wish you more success in life.

Check for more in his facebook and Like >> Art Fashion Co

These are just a few of my many favorites in his A/W 2011 haute and bridal couture

check out his 2010 fashion show :


Virgit said...

Oh my god love it such an inspired post sweetie love it so Gorgeous Thanks so much for sharing it sweetie have a great sunday dear

danielle p. said...

omg. these dresses are amazing.

Ashley said...

Such amazing pieces. I love it!





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