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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Faux Fur Coat

faux fur coat : Inc. @ Macys , pants : Target , clutch : Guess , heels : Simply Vera Wang

I did a pictorial of this over a week  ago when i was doing my own Leopard Challenge project.I forgot I did this one , using my faux fur coat i got from Macy's. Anyways, It was on sale for $ 80 it was originally $130.Ive been eyeing this coat since it first came out last fall but i just dont wanna pay full price.When me and my friend saw it on sale .I have to get it before i ran out of my size.Luckily, there is only one left in my size. So that means its meant to be for me! I just love everything about this coat. The A-line bodice...gives that sort of a retro feel.The length which is only up to my waist ,gives an illusion of atleast a little longer bottom half.The wide 3/4 sleeve...just complement and blend with the style of the A-line cut bodice.But most of all , its warm ,soft and fuzzy.While i was walking around outside, i feel like im wrap in a warm soft stylish Snuggy.I can sleep in this coat...for real!

Obviously, i pair it with this bright number.Red pants.Im obsessed with colorful pants right now.They just seem to brighten up this gloomy winter days.

Leopard print seem to be neutral for me nowadays.Maybe because I made a bunch of different outfits with it already or I have seen a lot of it on magazines and blogs.

This is my "dont-mess-with-me" look. Gee...your too fierce April. Smile!



Daria said...

gorge outfit, loving the leo accents :)

Alela Sirah said...

Very cute outfit! I love an outfit where you have style all the way through-meaning jacket on or off you look cute!!

Miss Kwong said...

faux fur....
and i love it much more than real fur! love that u choose a faux one!

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Miss Kwong - Art and Fashion

Jen and Jess said...

Love how you paired the red with leopard, they always go so well together

-thetwinsidary x

Izzy said...

found you from chictopia where you posted this look, it's just incredible! I don't know many people who could rock all the leopard print, fur and bright bold red as well as you do. started following you now- can't wait to see more amazing looks from you! :)


RochellekeCloset said...

i love your heels super gorgeous!

StyleKULTUR said...

Such a nice blog! Should we follow each other?


fashion meets art said...

wonderful look. i love the leo details. suits you so well.
lovely greets and a nice sunday.
maren anita


Juli Photo Diary said...

thats a pretty outfit!

Love the coat..


Tiffany said...

such a nice outfit! beautiful coat!

Kassi said...

WOW! I am so obsessed with that jacket. Absolutely gorgeous look with the bright red pants!


mochaccinoland said...

that touch of leo print is just perfect!


.sabo skirt. said...

The faux fur coat is beautiful! We love it!

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Fashioletta said...

love yours shoes. amazing outfit.
i follow your blog. if you want you can follow me back.


Jenny Clark said...

hey, new follower :) Love the blog and the red jeans gorgeous!

Beauty Make Up Addict said...

What a gorgeous outfit you put together. Love everything.

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Little Tree Vintage said...

so pretty. love this outfit on you.

Veronica P. said...

red and animal print , a very great combination !

Alina said...

Oh, I absolutely love the jeans and the shoes!

Fashionable Memories said...

Love everything!!!

Pretty Affair said...

GORGEOUS look!! what a great bargain too! i snagged pepe jeans faux fur coat in sales and am very happy :)

Sabrina said...

beautiful outfit!!!!

Ann Constance said...

Awesome outfit! Your fur looks amazing!

Kim, USA said...

Beautiful outfit, love the red and brown on you. Look chic!

Kim, USA

Constance said...

Looks great on you!


Joel Salmon said...

It’s very attractive. It didn’t look too flashy, even though you used two bold colors and prints to match the brown fur coat. I think the fact that you carry the outfit with panache is the difference maker here. ;]


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