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Monday, February 27, 2012

Snake print loafers for Spring

Hi beautiful people! Snake print loafers has been out in the market for a very long time.I used to not wear  any kinds of animal prints before because they were too bold and daring for my taste.But with the popularity its been gaining for a long time now, i dared myself to try some and i fell in love with it.First it started off with a leopard print shoes and i fell in love with.So thats when the top,belts and clutch are starting to join my little leo club.I saw this snake print loafers at Macys last week and i fell in love again with another animal print. I thought im done with this jungle patterns but i guess im wrong. This is my first snake print item thats why im excited about it, i think im gonna buy a belt too next time or maybe a chiffon assymetrical dress.Im not gonna wear all of them together ofcourse coz  that would too much for me. So lets talk about comfort, this loafers is so comfortable . Obviously because its flat but aside from that, the width on the front of the shoes just have that right dimension for my toes and the leather is soft but sturdy .It has a fexible soles  too so even if when you walk around for hours you dont feel like wearing shoes at all.  Sounds fantastic huh...it is ! Actually this is what i wore for shopping at the mall yesterday. I have to admit that im one of those girls who wears heeled shoes most of the time, either at the mall or anywhere else , thats because im insecure of my height  and a little reinforcement does the job well for that. Its a beautiful invention ever. But because i need to do some serious shopping, yes its serious honey coz its for my 30th birthday !
So i have to ditch my heeled shoes  yesterday. If you wanna get down and dirty, you want your trusted flats to be your companion. I cant believe i will be turning 30.I have a lot of exciting, silly, beautiful and sad moments in my 20's. A little bit of everything, its a like a salad..a mixture of  a little  bit  of sweet,bitter and salty but when all mixed up it is distinctive, but unresistably delicious.I wonder whats the spice of life will this new decade will bring.

sunglasses : Tommy Hilfiger ( Macys )
top: Elle ( Kohls)
belt : H&M
pants : Pacsun
coat : Guess
bag : Kate Spade
loafers : Calvin Klein ( Macys )

The weather yesterday looks beautiful..it looks warm and sunny but actually its 35 degrees F. Its a little bit windy but im not complaining because atleast most of the snow has melted. I would like to give a shout out to my best girlfriend Vanessa for taking this awesome picture. She is  my creative director and photographer at that time. She is behind the  "ala caught by the paparazzi " effect. I think i need to work on it more because i have been giggling the whole time. There is so much energy going on in this pictorial we have big laughs and cracking silly jokes. Its so much fun. I love being with her. Thanks my dear !


Baby Budget Blog said...

Loving the snake print shoes and that blazer!!


jas said...

cute look!


Kassi said...

This look is so fabulous. I love the color and flow of that blouse and the loafers are great!



love this outfit!so cute!

lisa signorini said...

wow! you look amazing!!
Visit my blog and if you want we can follow each other!
have a great day!


Mom Fashion World said...

Oh, gorgeous mommy!


Clara Turbay said...

it´s fantastic the way you express yourself here.

mpowell said...

Happy Birthday!!!

my mini bag said...

Love the outfit especially the bold color jeans with the gorgeous gray purse.

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful wardrobe.


lucia m said...

love the loafers!!


jennifer and jessica said...

cant believe your turning 30!! you look way younger! anyways happy birthday in advance dear.

loving the shoes xx

Boho Vanity said...

i love your outfit :) the shoes are so adorable, haven't seen snake print in awhile xx
my blog: boho vanity

two birds said...

i love these shoes...i am a heels girl, too, but i would definitely wear these! i love the whole outfit! great mix of colors and patterns! and happy birthday!!!

Marella said...

Perfect outfit dear!
Looooove your style and your blog!
Following! Follow back? <3

Michal said...

cute outfit !!

Sassi said...

lovely outfit and gorgeous shoes!

jennifer and jessica said...

Gorgeous Look! Love the colors and those loafers are fresh!

thetwinsdiary x

mochaccinoland said...

u look chic in this outfit! love the mustard yellow against the blue. xoxo

Inês de Castro said...

I absolutely love your loafers and bag :) Your blouse is adorable too. I'm following you, sweetie!

Inês de Castro said...

I absolutely love your loafers and bag :) Your blouse is adorable too. I'm following you, sweetie!

Virgit said...

In love with this look so chic and classy that blouse is so cute Gorgeous


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