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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Orange day

Top : Forever 21 ( old), skirt : H&M , shoes : Nine West (old)

I love the vintage mod look of this skirt that i got from H&M for 10 bucks.Not bad at all. Im excited in styling this more this upcoming spring which is not gonna be till the next two months. Ugh! Im getting tired of winter. Anyways, today is not bad at all.The weather is actually beautiful considering its winter.All the snow has already melted and it  feels like spring.I was gonna take a picture outside today but the sun is so bright...my eyes are squinting and thats the only time  of the day i could take pictures while my son was in school.In the afternoon,when its the best time to take  pictures ...id be on my way picking him up from school and then its time for me to make dinner or do some few errands with hubby.

Orange is not my favorite color...but when i saw this skirt i just fell inlove with the color and the style of the skirt.It reminds me of the skirt my mom used to wear in the 70's when she was dating with my dad .
Are you feeling my outfit?



ATW said...

love your skirt!!! you look fantastic.
i'm following your amazing blog now :)
come and stop by at mine & tell me what you think!
i'd be more than happy if you followed me back!
xx love


Kim, USA said...

Awesome outfit! Keep it up!

Kim, USA

mpowell said...

orange is a strong color but you were able to tame it! just like what they say it can work for u or against u. in this case, it work great!!

mochaccinoland said...

we have the same skirt! i love this skirt too! ^^


Baby Budget Blog said...

LOVE the color of the skirt and the stiffness of it! Great sillouhette!


Alina said...

Beautiful look,hon!Love the skirt!

RochellekeCloset said...

The skirt is so pretty ;-) Im following your blog now hope you visit mine too and follow.


Naina said...

LOVE that orange shade on you, it seriously suits you!


Veronica P. said...

totally wonderful this look

Anastasia from Natbeesfashion said...

Your skirt is amazing!!I love it :)
I'm following you, return love back if you like mine :)

Anonymous said...

i have the same skirt , but i didnt know how to wear it , thank you for the look , you look so cute

Roma Amor Aguilar said...

really nice outfit!x



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