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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

30th with the girls

Last Saturday , my friends in Michigan gave me an advance 30th birthday celebration. We celebrated it ,with an intimate fondue experience at The Melting Pot. I had a blast ! im so happy to see all these girls and catching up with them. We dont get to see each other much often coz of work, family , school etc.  so seeing them that night  makes me feel really special. Im touched by their presence and humbly appreciate their gifts  . Honestly, their presence and effort to set aside their schedule and some of them have to drive this other side of the town just to celebrate with me, makes me feel so special and it means so much to me. I feel so greatful and thankful. Im just so happy , I love these beautiful fine ladies ! Dont they all look stylish and fabulous? Oh yeah! Indeed.

I have to say they pick the right place to celebrate my birthday.Its my first time in this fondue place and the experience is just phenomenal from the service to the food as well.They have  4 kinds of cheese fondue to pick from and we pick the spinach and  artichoke ,which is my favorite...if you want something with a little zing of wine...the wisconsin is just perfect. Some of the ladies, they dont care much about it, but its actually pretty good for me. They serve it with delicious bread , apples and brocolli. Then when its about time for the entree they bring out these 2 medium size pot with special broth in it and they bring out these vegies and the  food that you ordered which is raw. You cook using your fondue fork, you do  your vegies first, take them out, cook your entree . Dip them to your prefered sauce..they have all kinds, teriyaki, honey mustard, sweet and sour many more. Then chow down. Basically its like making your own food but with the company of your friends or family.The laughter  and joy of having this people around you sharing this experience is  what makes it absolutely fun and worth it. I really had a great time with these ladies and thank you so much !


Inês de Castro said...

That sounds yummy! Looks like you had fun :) I absolutely love your dress and jacket.

jennifer and jessica said...

Cant believe you just turned 30!
You look Great!
Love the dress and Happy Birthday in advance! :)

-thetwinsdiary x

Kassi said...

How great is that!? I am glad you had a wonderful birthday get together with friends. Where at in Michigan?
Your dress is so beautiful. I love it!


Skinny said...

Love your purse!!

Michal said...

Happy B-day! I wish you all the best.
(in advance) :)
By the way you look Great!!

Tamina said...

belated happy birthday :-)

like your bag

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

The Melting Pot is awesome!!! Me and two of my close friends celebrated our birthday there last year. Yummy Delicious! You ladies looked great!


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