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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lacey Sunday

dress : H&M, vest: jennifer lopez for kohls, shoes: Lauren Conrad for kohls, bracelet : Henri Bendel ( a gift from a friend i really love it! )

Inspiration :

photo credit : pandora's box

Hi beautiful people ! When i saw  this H&M lace dress worn by Sarah of pandoras box . I just fell in love with it.I love how she styled it in a sort of bohemian eclectic  ensemble. So last week when i paid a visit to H&M, I got excited when i spotted this dress .Its very gorgeuos in person. The lace is soft and delicate ..almost like handmade.For a price of $ 30 you cant go wrong with it.I can see myself wearing a lot with it during  spring and summer season.You can dress up and dress down with this dress, also one of the reason why i love it .I like to purchase things that goes with almost everything in my closet and also can be styled it in different ways , so i can wear it more than once in a different look.Thanks Sarah for the inspiration..check out her blog.She got great style.

Last Sunday is a special day for me coz its my 30th birthday and i wanna celebrate it with an all white ensemble to start my new decade with a sign of peace and love... dramatic huh. Anyways, during the day, i went out for brunch and shopping with my girlfriend while hubby is taking care of our son.Being able to shop kid-free is such a big treat for me.I dont get to do this very often since having a child and simple things like this is already a big thing when your a mom.I know, isnt he sweet ? He is the best  that ever happened in my life.Then when i got home from shopping, the basement is clean coz we had a party down there the other day ( he doesnt normally clean, so i was really surprise) and then he took me out to dinner.Isnt that lovely? The best day ever...simple and intimate..just the way i want it.

Thank you my sweetie for everything ..your the best thing that ever happened in my life.

Thank you everyone for reading hopefully you will follow me on Bloglovin , Twitter , Facebook and Pinterest.Take care!

love lots ,


Anne said...

And again, this colour looks great on you! Such a romantic outfit.

The Style Visitor

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Great lace dress! I love the symbolism of starting a new decade and I can't get over the low price of the dress. Good for you! Love the fur vest.

when BABI speaks said...

your dress looks so classy and fabulous! belated happy birthday to you! all the best!


Dora said...

Excellent outfit, you look so darling! XX

Baby Budget Blog said...

Gorgeous dress and inspiration! I don't know why I always miss these beautiful pieces at H&M! LOVE the way you styled it, babe!


Vintage Collar Necklace Giveaway

Veronica P. said...

love your lace dress

Zorian said...

Great outfit. Beautiful styling. I love your blog. I followed you on both GFC and Bloglovin. I hope that you like my blog and follow back on both, if you are so inclined.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Your dress is GORGEOUS. Such a perfect spring frock! :)

mpowell said...

Just Perfect dress for a perfect day :D ohh glad to see him in the picture :D

t said...

Cute outfit!


Kassi said...

You look so amazing. I love this classy woman meets hippie/boho outfit. It is such a winning combination. The dress is so delicate and the accessories really amp the whole thing up! Happy Birthday by the way! :)


Sabrilett said...

Love it <3 the dress is adorable and I prefer the outfit without the fur vest, you look great!


Mary Ann said...

You look gorgeous here - ivory is such a great color on your skintone! Greetings from Atlanta!

ATW said...

this is such a cute outfit! i love it ! it's even better than your inspiration! :)


Anna said...

Love Love this outfit!


Minted Magazine said...

Love this outfit! Particularly the white and white! You're so beautiful too!

Minted Magazine


BlogLoveTherapy said...

Love the outfit. Can't believe it's only 30 bucks and from H&M. It looks good! Happy belated Bday!

Skinny said...

Love your lace dress!!!

Mesmerize said...

you look so lovely! wonderful dress!
please visit me in free time:)

Alina said...

Such a great look!Love the dress!

Trinnah said...

What a gorgeous outfit! I love the lace dress, and I love the added vest. Definitely chic! :)


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