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Friday, March 16, 2012

My birthday boy

boys!! dont mess with the cake!

His bestfriend wanna be in the picture
Last weekend , My one and only son celebrated his 4th birthday.I cant believe he is already 4, time goes so fast, its just seems yesterday that i was pregnant  and delivered this little guy. He is getting bigger, taller and talk like a storm.He ask a lot of questions of almost everything and curious of every little thing. He knows how to push mommy's buttons , but also knows how to melt my heart in an instant. Its just so amazing how this precious little ones develop and discover things in their own ways.Ok, now im getting a little teary eyed while writing. Lets talk something fun and cute , My little Optimus here  wanna have a Transformer birthday party. So obviously, i did a transformer theme from goody bags to decorations. I was gonna let him wear his bumblee costume he had last halloween but its a fail, he dont wanna be hot for the party which does make sense.Since its his birthday he got his way.We had a total of 10 kids, we had games and crafts.For the crafts, i bought a Spritz activity kit at Target.They have all kinds for boys and girls. Its a hit at the party..everyone get to participate including the moms. It was a fun filled day..I was exhausted at the end but its all worth it.Every year I always look forward celebrating my son's birthday. Every year also, i always say at the end of the party..I will do Chuckie Cheese next year.But it always end up in the house...for some reason when  his birthday is coming up and i started planning his party in my head...i get excited and makes me decide to do it at home..even though how tired i will be at the end. Its all worth it and its nice to be in the comfort of your own home.

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