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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Thats What Makes You Beautiful

What makes me feel beautiful :

- when steve look and smile at me
- when my little boy says im beautiful even if im in my pj's and morning stars
- when i got married
- when i became a mom
- my man's kisses
- my boy's kisses
- after a mani- pedi
- blow dry and styled hair
- new clothes , new shoes and new purse
- sore from workout
- drinking my green juice
- doing my nightly face routine
- when i smile in the mirror
-  when i make someone smile and laugh
- make - up
- being called beautiful, not many tells me but when someone do, it lights up my day

When i read this post from A cup of subtle tea via coming unstitched . I am inspired of it and  decided to make my own version.Its a great feeling to remind us once in a while what makes us  feel beautiful. Being beautiful is being yourself and having confidence.

You've got to get up every morning with a smile on your face
And show the world all the love in your heart
Then people gonna treat you better
You're gonna find, yes you will
That you're beautiful as you feel.
- - - Carole King "Beautiful"

What about you what makes you feel beautiful?

He has been into the pirate thing lately .His favorite show in disney channel  right now is Jake and the Never Land Pirate and last Friday , we are off to watch the animated movie " The Pirates ". Awesome family time !

Sweater : H&M
skirt : Forever 21
accesories : Forever 21
bag : Michael Kors  similar  here  OPTION 1 ,OPTION 2 ,OPTION 3
loafers : Michael Kors similar here OPTION 1 , OPTION 2 , OPTION 3

Thank you so much for reading and have a great day and hopefully you had a great weekend too :)
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Friday, April 27, 2012

Summer Essential : Maxi Dress


The maxi dress is gonna be one of my staple outfit  that i will be sporting a lot this spring and summer. Im a 5 " ft petite girl and shopping for a maxi dress has always been a challenge to me but that doesnt stop me from buying them.You just have to find the right fit that atleast will not make you look shorter.Anyways, here are the reasons why I love maxi dress and why you should get one too even if your a petite girl like me.

1. Comfortable - so easy to wear , you dont have to worry  of whats peeking out when your bending down  because your all covered  all the way down.There are a lot of styles out there that would work for you on wearing it on a daily basis or special occasions. A flowy chiffon maxi dress  for special occasions or a cotton maxi dress like im wearing right now. Except i wore a denim shirt coz its not that warm yet.

2. Effortless style - so easy to style , if you want to have a bohemian look, just add bohemian touches with fun boho accesories like headbands, layered bracelets , statement necklace. If you want to be edgy, put on some metallic pieces or a crop leather jacket. The possibilities is endless.The maxi dress is a perfect canvas to get in touch with you creative sense of style.

3. Flatters any shape - there will always be a maxi dress out there that will flatter any body shape , either  your tall or short. If you want to conceal your tummy area, an empire cut maxi dress is perfect.It doesnt hug that tummy area, it will make you look slimmer. If you want to accentuate your curves , go for ones with elastic waistline then add belt for stylish touch  like this one from Mango.com . If your pregnant, a v neck empire cut maxi dress is just perfect , your gonna be one hot pregnant mommy.

denim shirt : Calvin Klien
maxi dress : Macys  similar here OPTION 1 ,OPTION 2 , OPTION 3
bag : Michael Kors buy  HERE and get Free Shipping at Zappos
lace up sandals : Material girl from Macys
sunglasses : Armani Exchange similar here
Thank you so much for reading and have a great day and enjoy the weekend!



Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Style :Business Casual 80's style

Hi everyone ! Thanks for replying on my previous post in regards about the Tory Burch bag . I finally made the decision to use the tangerine one. Tangerine is so hot on trend right now and its different from my other bags which is mostly brown, grey, white, black ( you know ,basic colors ).I think this a perfect summer bag, as well as for fall too. The reason why it took me awhile to decide which one to get, its because its a big purchase (for me) and i want something that i could use a lot and have a different looks but also different from my other bags. With a lot of thoughts and with the help of you guys ( i appreciate it). I went for the tangerine.It has  that classic design which i really love  and the bold color of tangerine gives statement, sort of a retro look.Its gonna be quite of a challenge to style it.But hey fashion is supposed to be fun and im so excited to create different looks with this bag.

What do you guys think of the first outfit i wore with this bag?

The look :  Business casual 80's style

This look reminds me of the early 80's that my mom used to wear .This stretch high rise skinny jeans from Urban Outfitters does the job in creating this kind of look.I love how it makes me look a little longer at the legs , essential for a petite lady like me.

   purple top: Guess similar here ,
pants: Urban Outfitters
bag: Tory Burch buy similar in smaller size here
sandals : Ivanka Trump buy similar here OPTION 1 , OPTION 2 , OPTION 3 


Thanks so much for reading :) Have a great day!



Saturday, April 21, 2012

Calling all fashionistas! I need your help

Hi everyone!  I really love the design of   Tory Burch's new Robinson double zip tote. I bought the bag two weeks ago as a gift from my hubby for my 30th birthday :) , I picked out  the tangerine one. As soon as i laid my eyes on it..i just fell in love. I havent used it since then yet, because i was thinking of the caramel. Ladies, which  color of the Tory Burch handbag would you pick , the caramel  or the tangerine? Your thoughts are very much appreciated :) Have a great weekend !

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Windy Day

jean jacket : GAP similar  here ,
top : Forever 21  similar here,
pleated colluts : h&m ,
 accesories : Kohls and forever 21 ,
 wedge : Jessica Simpson buy here

Hi everyone ! Yesterday was very nice and warm.. but its just windy like crazy. The wind just keeps blowing my hair and colluts all over the place. Obviously im not a model, i dont know how to pose (u know what i mean ) how much more for  crazy windy days like this.All i was thinking at that moment is   to stabilize this colluts that is all over the place.Imagine if thats a skirt..oh my lord ! Gladly my hubby managed to take a few good snapshots :) I hope you like it.

In fashion websites lately ,everybody are talking about Coachella a big musical festival in LA that started last weekend. Aside from its performers its also famous for its star studded audience. The likes of  Kate Bosworth, Vanessa Hudgens, Nicole Richie, Whitney Port, Lauren Conrad and many more. All of them wearing music festival inspired looks. Since i dont live in LA and obviously i didnt fly there for that. Im just gonna do a Coachella inspired look.If i was there, this is what i will wear...hmmm maybe change those wedges into a pair  of toms or flat sandals.So what you guys think?

Here are some of the celebrities who went to coachella last weekend. All photos via Refinery 29 . Check Refinery 29 for more pics and news .
kate bosworth looking cool in her Hunter boots , Lea Michelle and Lauren Conrad all girly

Vanessa Hudgens and Diane Kruger

Michelle Tratchenberg and Emma Watson

Thanks for reading guys..Have a great day!



Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pink fever

blazer : candies Kohls similar here ,
 blush sheer top with tie : Forever 21 ,
 jeans : Levis

Hi beautiful people! I have been missing in action for more than a week . Life has been pretty much busier lately. First there was Easter.My inlaws were here for Easter , then we have to finish up building  the jungle gym and on top of that i have been spring cleaning like a crazy mad woman.

 Yesterday one of my friends invited me to a lunch party at her house ,I told my self to take a break from all this spring cleaning marathon and its about time to go out, after a week of hybernation accompanied with sweat pants all day,all week. I love to dress up,it brings out the best and happier me, obviously this what i wore.Im inspired of a tuxedo look lately . I love the tailor and polish look of it and since its spring i opted to wear my bright pink blazer. Its kinda a gloomy rainy weather yesterdery, i figured wearing brights makes me feel livelier. I hope you like it too :)

Even if im MIA in my outfit post and all that  fashion stuff...I manage to take a few snapshots of  the adventures of my

Life lately .....

flying kite with the boys! soo nice!

vegie juicing like crazy


Chicken Madiera

I hope you guys enjoy :)Have a great weekend everyone!



Friday, April 6, 2012

Team Yellow

top : H&M similar here , floral top: H&M , pants : target similar here , shoes : Aldo

He looks so cute kissing me on the cheek but he looks like kissing me on the lips..i kinda look silly here but he is just cute.

Hi everyone , It has been a very beautiful spring weather..not too cold  and windy and its supposedly warmer this coming weekend too. It has been quite a busy week for us since last weekend. We are working on a special project for our little guy. Hint : A hang out place for a boy who loves to climb,swing and slide.Yup, me and hubby put it up together since last Sunday and everyday after work, he went straight up to the backyard to continue the project,atleast just a couple hours everyday until it gets dark to work outside. Ofcourse, the little man is excited.The smile and excitement on his face is just priceless. Yesterday, we took a little break and went a stroll to the park and feed the ducks.Obviously, we took a couple pictures.

 Easter is coming  and another thing im excited about is doing Easter egg hunt with my little guy, he is more excited now than the previous years...ofcourse because he is older now and much more aware of things around him. Easter bunny also prepared something special for him too.Are you ready for Easter weekend ? What are you guys up to?

Thanks for reading and Have a great Easter weekend.



Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Style : Prints on Prints

top : Lauren Conrad (Kohls), Pants : H&M , belt : H&M, bag : Michael Kors, accesories : forever 21

After featuring some pastels and brights. I wanna take it up a  notch a little bit by mixing prints on prints. A little tricky to style and feels a little wierd if your not use to it...but fashion is about having fun and taking risks.If your feeling it...go for it.

The trick in mixing prints is finding the same color scheme and mood. In styling my ensemble here, I started with this high waist wide leg polka dot pants.If you take a closer look of those dots, its actually blush in color and so i look for a blush colored printed top in my closet. I found this 2 layered chiffon top and i tuck it in exposing the upper flowy layer and its because the pants is highwaisted it actually covers it up pretty good, then i accent it with a wine colored obi belt. I got really excited when i put it all together , because i just love the combination of the two pieces. Its like  making a collage project. Then ofcourse accesorizing, cant go without it... right?

I hope you like it too and thank you so much for reading.



Sunday, April 1, 2012

HairTrend : Ombre hairstyle

n. A French term meaning "shaded." Usually a multicolored stripe, with colors graduating from light to dark. The color effect is woven into the fabric.

Ombre hair is a popular  trend right now among celebrities and style bloggers .To be specific , the roots are dark and then graduatingly go lighten to the tips of your desired shade.Makes it look like you havent retouched your roots for ages.The look? beachy , cool ,laidback and sexy.

Im gonna show you how these celebrities and fashion bloggers rock their ombre frocks.


photos via frisky from L-R : Ashley Simpson  and Rachel Bilson

photos via becomegorgeous from L-R: Leighton Meester and Jessica Biel


photos via frisky from L-R : Whitney Eve and Lauren Conrad
Short Hair

photos via usmagazine from L-R : Miley Cyrus and Alexa Chung
Fashion Bloggers

from the left Cheyser of The Walking Recessionista, photos via TWR  and right Anastasia of BrownPlatform photos via brown platform
Andy of stylescrapbook photo via Stylescrapbook
Yesterday , I have finally decided to get an ombre..after 2 months of thoughts and deliberation , i finally gathered my strength and go for it. I went to De Jolie Salon and i was taken care by Allyson . She is friendly, accomodating and just incredibly awesome. She has been doing a lot of ombre and obviously she did an awesome job on mine. She did exactly the way i want it. I want my ombre to have a subtle gradual shade from roots to tips.I want highlighted strands on the tips not the whole strands of the tips to be bleached.In ombre there is so many styles on how you want it as shown on the pictures i posted above.

Why do i love ombre :

 1. its youthful , fun, fresh,unique and on trend
2. low maintenance, you dont have to worry of your roots growing..well to the fact that the whole purpose of the style is too look like you've grown your roots on purpose while retaining your highlights stylishly.

The only con about ombre is split ends. You gotta get your regular trims and do a hair mask atleast once a week. I do full color on fall/winter and highlights on spring/ summer...so i usually do that  ritual on taking care of my hair anyway. Actually ombre is much better than full highlights because you only get to use bleach on the tips.Thats less chemicals you put in while still looking stylish and trendy. To maintain the shade, if you dont want the tips to be so light, you can ask your stylist to tone it.

 So here it is , i hope you like it too :)

excuse me i have no make up at all ugh..just focus on the hair

this is what i wore yesterday for errands , sooo laid back. I just wanna show you guys how the hair looks from far in the picture.

The strands

I hope you like it..thank you so much for reading :)




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