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Sunday, April 1, 2012

HairTrend : Ombre hairstyle

n. A French term meaning "shaded." Usually a multicolored stripe, with colors graduating from light to dark. The color effect is woven into the fabric.

Ombre hair is a popular  trend right now among celebrities and style bloggers .To be specific , the roots are dark and then graduatingly go lighten to the tips of your desired shade.Makes it look like you havent retouched your roots for ages.The look? beachy , cool ,laidback and sexy.

Im gonna show you how these celebrities and fashion bloggers rock their ombre frocks.


photos via frisky from L-R : Ashley Simpson  and Rachel Bilson

photos via becomegorgeous from L-R: Leighton Meester and Jessica Biel


photos via frisky from L-R : Whitney Eve and Lauren Conrad
Short Hair

photos via usmagazine from L-R : Miley Cyrus and Alexa Chung
Fashion Bloggers

from the left Cheyser of The Walking Recessionista, photos via TWR  and right Anastasia of BrownPlatform photos via brown platform
Andy of stylescrapbook photo via Stylescrapbook
Yesterday , I have finally decided to get an ombre..after 2 months of thoughts and deliberation , i finally gathered my strength and go for it. I went to De Jolie Salon and i was taken care by Allyson . She is friendly, accomodating and just incredibly awesome. She has been doing a lot of ombre and obviously she did an awesome job on mine. She did exactly the way i want it. I want my ombre to have a subtle gradual shade from roots to tips.I want highlighted strands on the tips not the whole strands of the tips to be bleached.In ombre there is so many styles on how you want it as shown on the pictures i posted above.

Why do i love ombre :

 1. its youthful , fun, fresh,unique and on trend
2. low maintenance, you dont have to worry of your roots growing..well to the fact that the whole purpose of the style is too look like you've grown your roots on purpose while retaining your highlights stylishly.

The only con about ombre is split ends. You gotta get your regular trims and do a hair mask atleast once a week. I do full color on fall/winter and highlights on spring/ summer...so i usually do that  ritual on taking care of my hair anyway. Actually ombre is much better than full highlights because you only get to use bleach on the tips.Thats less chemicals you put in while still looking stylish and trendy. To maintain the shade, if you dont want the tips to be so light, you can ask your stylist to tone it.

 So here it is , i hope you like it too :)

excuse me i have no make up at all ugh..just focus on the hair

this is what i wore yesterday for errands , sooo laid back. I just wanna show you guys how the hair looks from far in the picture.

The strands

I hope you like it..thank you so much for reading :)




Kim, USA said...

Nice color! I like it on you. ^_^

Laura said...

Beautiful post on your blog, I love it! Would you like to follow each other?

Kassi said...

I love it! My stylist wants to do ombre on me the next time I go in for a color. It is just gorgeous on you!


Skinny said...

Nice hair color- also love the pop of your blazer

J'Adore Fashion said...

I have notice that trend too including the dyed eyes--love it! You look nice with it!



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