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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mommies Day Out

blouse : Kohls
shorts : Kohls
bag : Kate Spade
sandals : Ivanka Trump

Hi everyone !  How was your mother's day ? Me and all these fine lovely ladies here were having a mommies day out last Saturday weekend and as usual, it was a blast spending time with them. We had our lunch at Kruse and Muer  and then went shopping at Sommerset Mall . It was nice to go out once  in awhile and be kid free for the moment. When i became a mom , i began to appreciate simple things that i did, before having a child,  simple things like long showers , shopping and coffee with friends , mani and  pedi , i over look all these things before because it was somehow a normal routine.But when you have a child you dont get to do much of these anymore, due to the fact that your always on the go with your child 24/7, ofcourse our child is our number one priority and those simple things go in the backseat. Thats when you appreciate and realize how important that time and space  for yourself to just go out and have fun with friends or just even go out shopping ( even grocery ) by yourself.  That little downtime makes me smile. When im happy, you always get the best of me . That day i returned home refresh and ready to meet my family's needs.

So how did you guys spend mothers day?
 To all the mommies out there, belated happy mothers day !

Thank you so much for reading  and have a great week ahead



ps. did you notice my new hair? what do you guys think?


Minnie said...

great outfit(again) :P
love the blouse and the shorts *__*

Dressing Up For Me said...

Love your new fringe, April! Your blouse reminds me of a berriboned one in Zara. ;)

You look great in shorts and a flowy top!

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