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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Baby Shower

Pink and Lime is the motiff


dessert cups

Ube cake a gift from my friend Devi...thanks dear

roses and green apples centerpiece

diaper cake and baby candle favors at the bottom made by my friend Vanessa

dessert table

with the fabulous hostess Peachy..thanks soo much, its more than perfect !
beautiful and unique diaper cake made by my cousin Joanne

my very close friends who painstakingly planned and made it all happen...I really love it !

My close friends and family..

Last month my friends gave me this beautiful and fabulous baby shower. Its overloaded with pink, lime and sweet treats. Ofcourse, we had baby shower games, opening of girly gifts and most of all, I was so happy to see my friends gather together to share this special day with me. Being pregnant is not always easy breezy specially if you already have a preschooler, so moment like this bring me such relaxation . I felt so special , loved and full of excitement.
Thank you so much my girls, for your time and effort in making this all happen for me and my baby daughter.Its a mother's dream baby shower!
here's a little poem :
Thank you!
I’m sorry I couldn’t be there,
But I’m not quite ready yet.
God is painting my eyes, nose and cheeks
And soon I’ll be all set.
Though I wasn’t there to thank you,
For the lovely gifts you brought,
My family is grateful
We appreciate the thought.
We pray the Lord will bless you
For your generosity
And when I’m born into this world
Please come and visit me!
My mom is very blessed
To know each one of you.
We want to say we love you
And Jesus loves you too!
See you soon…
Baby Olivia


Anna Paula said...

Beautiful Decor and you look glowing!


Telma said...

Beautiful :)

Anca said...

I can't believe how beautiful this post is. I love the theme, the pictures, their quality, the cake, the lovely soon-to-be-mom...everything is so perfect. I wish you all the best :).


Sharina said...

Awww so sweet your friends! :)
I love the theme and all the beautiful preparations they did!

Ganda mo rin gurl!! :) BLOOMING!

The Misty Mom

Eleigh Llaneras said...

Oh my I love baby showers! Yours is just so adorable! I haven't read much but judging from this baby shower I guess it's a girl. It's so pink and pretty :) Hope I get one too someday :D All the best for you and your baby.



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