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Friday, November 30, 2012

Fall maternity style


Top : Kensie @ macys , Vest : Jennifer Lopez  ( Old) , Leggings : Vera Wang @ kohls , Boots : Ellen Tracy

Hi everyone ! How was thanksgiving ? How was your black friday shopping?  I didnt get to shop that day..just too tired and just not in the mood. What a miracle, considering thats my most favorite time of the year to shop ! Me and my girlfriend have that yearly tradition to hit the mall at 5 a.m., grab some Starbucks...then shop at our favorite stores. What a good day to start your day by shopping!....its that kind of feeling and most of all....kid free day to shop.
Im already in my 32 weeks here...Yes im gettting there! Im so excited ! I just have that sudden surge of energy to take some pictures before i pop this baby out.Atleast I have a few memories of pregnant pictures for my blog. I totally missed out many months of not blogging..but thats ok...As what they say , better late than never.
To all expecting mothers out there, being pregnant during the fall and winter season is quite challenging buts its also fun . The key there is layering , experimenting with colors , prints and bold accesories. In this 2nd pregnancy, I havent bought any maternity clothes or even use my old ones...I just buy regular clothes but in big sizes. For the bottom , I love to use leggings or putting a rubber band on the buttons of my jeans and then make a loop through the hole and then hook it up to buttons. If its doesnt zip up or if my top is too short,  I use the BELLA BAND. For the the tops, I love to use tunics  and long dollman sweaters.
Thank you so much for reading and have a great day!


Fernanda said...

You really do look glowing here, dear! I just found your blog and I'm very happy for you. <3 You look very stylish in this, I'm loving the boots! Just started following you! xx


chocolatefashioncoffee said...

love the top :)



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