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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nesting Momma

Sweater : Lauren Conrad @ Kohls
Leggings : Vera Wang
booties : Chinese Laundry

Hi everyone ! Im 35 weeks .... I have 5 more weeks to go but i feel and i look like im about to pop this baby out. Even if i have a month to go...im already panicking on my stuffs thats needs to be done before the baby arrives. My baby's crib and all the stuff she needs is all set, but im panicking over the things that needs to get done for the holidays.Like sending Christmas cards , christmas shopping for everybody, wrapping the gifts,putting some lights outside..my husband and my dad does it obviously, but i wanna make sure im there watching them when they put it on . Another thing is finishing up my Christmas decorations inside the house.  Some people advise me not to do Christmas decors because of the baby's arrival and putting them down is such a hassle, i wont have the time. Its true and i totally agree with that but i wanna have a symbol of Christmas spirit inside the house. Thats my favorite time of the year and i cant pass that up. Lucas is 4 years old, he is so aware of everything and i want to do some holiday traditions with him aside from the opening of the gifts on Christmas day. We already did our gingerbread house last week.....he really enjoys it. We still got to do our Christmas cookies this week. I love doing these things with him...the simple joys of being a  mom are spending these memorable moments. They grow up so fast, the next thing you know they have their own family and having their own traditions :).

 Its kinda tiring already..my tummy is getting heavier, but i have more energy now compared to the first six months of my pregnancy...I had terrible morning sickness, i get dizzy a lot, specially when im on the laptop or being a passenger in the car. I rather drive than being a passenger..no matter how careful and slowly my husband do the turns, i still get dizzy. Aside from that...i wasnt  in the mood for anything at all, i just wanna sleep all day ! So even if my pregnant belly is heavy and my hips are soar but its just sometimes...its better than morning sickness and throwing up all day..im glad that was over. I probably bore you already with my rants :) So ill stop here for now and hopefully you like my maternity outfit. Hubby and I went out for dinner with friends that time.... so i figured, I'll have him took a few snapshots of me and my belly. A little maternity fashion memory before baby girl comes!

Thank you so much for reading and   have a great weekend!!!



Dressing Up For Me said...

Maybe setting up only the Christmas tree will be good for you. ;)Your friends are right, with the baby coming soon, it´s going to be a bit difficult and time consuming putting away all the Xmas decors later.

Anyway, you still look pretty with the heart printed sweater on. More like a blooming preggy Momma than somebody whose about to give birth. :)

Anna Paula said...

You look fantastic! Maybe you should do a post on weight gain, second pregancy...and later weight loss I have one and would love to know how second pregancy could be.



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