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Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year's Eve outfit idea for Mom-to-be

top : Arden B.
Bracelets : Betsey Johnson
Leggings : Pink Rose
Pumps : ALDO
Even if we have a watermelon in our tummy, we pregnant mommies are not exempted to party....except ,ofcourse no alcohol.A club scene would be a little inappropriate because a lot of crazy people out there but a small house party with family and friends is the way to go.This is an outfit idea for the mom-to-be...I chose this glittered animal print dolman tunic top to go with the New Year's Eve occasion. Glitters and sequins accents are perfect to meet the New Year !Even if we are pregnant...that doesnt stop us for going glitz and glam. Let's meet the New Year with glamorous, beautiful and positive vibes :) Good luck to my delivery pretty soon and to the mom-to-be out there....good luck to you all!

                                                      HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! 



chocolatefashioncoffee said...

what a great look! love the top :)



You look beautiful!


Eleigh Llaneras said...

they say pregant women shouldn't be wearing heels but you certainly rocked the party mom anthem. Lovely! :)

Sam said...

I love your animal print sweater! You look beautiful!

Digging your style, so I'm following!

Happy holidays!

xo Sam

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

April, you look so good doll! LOVE your sweater and leggings. The accents at the bottom of the leggings are so fab! Happy Holidays to you and your family!

jenny michelle said...

always fashionable even when expecting :)

xo jenny
my blog // my facebook page // shop my closet

Coco said...

Hello gorgeous! Just found out your blog and followed :-) You look like a super hot mom to be!!I would love for you to stop by and follow my blog if you like. Happy Holidays honey!!
With love
Coco et La vie en rose

Dale Janeé said...

You look so good and I love how you're making your baby bump so stylish in this look. I really like the brown leggings and the heels are hot. You look great

xoxo from San Francisco

Real College Student of Atlanta said...

you look gorgeous!!

Lucija said...

That's an amazing idea for a mom-to-be! You look fab!



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