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Monday, February 27, 2012

Snake print loafers for Spring

Hi beautiful people! Snake print loafers has been out in the market for a very long time.I used to not wear  any kinds of animal prints before because they were too bold and daring for my taste.But with the popularity its been gaining for a long time now, i dared myself to try some and i fell in love with it.First it started off with a leopard print shoes and i fell in love with.So thats when the top,belts and clutch are starting to join my little leo club.I saw this snake print loafers at Macys last week and i fell in love again with another animal print. I thought im done with this jungle patterns but i guess im wrong. This is my first snake print item thats why im excited about it, i think im gonna buy a belt too next time or maybe a chiffon assymetrical dress.Im not gonna wear all of them together ofcourse coz  that would too much for me. So lets talk about comfort, this loafers is so comfortable . Obviously because its flat but aside from that, the width on the front of the shoes just have that right dimension for my toes and the leather is soft but sturdy .It has a fexible soles  too so even if when you walk around for hours you dont feel like wearing shoes at all.  Sounds fantastic huh...it is ! Actually this is what i wore for shopping at the mall yesterday. I have to admit that im one of those girls who wears heeled shoes most of the time, either at the mall or anywhere else , thats because im insecure of my height  and a little reinforcement does the job well for that. Its a beautiful invention ever. But because i need to do some serious shopping, yes its serious honey coz its for my 30th birthday !
So i have to ditch my heeled shoes  yesterday. If you wanna get down and dirty, you want your trusted flats to be your companion. I cant believe i will be turning 30.I have a lot of exciting, silly, beautiful and sad moments in my 20's. A little bit of everything, its a like a salad..a mixture of  a little  bit  of sweet,bitter and salty but when all mixed up it is distinctive, but unresistably delicious.I wonder whats the spice of life will this new decade will bring.

sunglasses : Tommy Hilfiger ( Macys )
top: Elle ( Kohls)
belt : H&M
pants : Pacsun
coat : Guess
bag : Kate Spade
loafers : Calvin Klein ( Macys )

The weather yesterday looks beautiful..it looks warm and sunny but actually its 35 degrees F. Its a little bit windy but im not complaining because atleast most of the snow has melted. I would like to give a shout out to my best girlfriend Vanessa for taking this awesome picture. She is  my creative director and photographer at that time. She is behind the  "ala caught by the paparazzi " effect. I think i need to work on it more because i have been giggling the whole time. There is so much energy going on in this pictorial we have big laughs and cracking silly jokes. Its so much fun. I love being with her. Thanks my dear !

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thanks Glee

Last month, Im humbly proud to say that my Boho Chic inspired look has been featured as Look of the Week at creativefashionglee . My first featured look :) Hopefully there will be more to come.  Its such an exciting feeling  to be featured. Thanks so much glee !Guys, check out her awesome website http://creativefashionglee.com . Her website is all about  inventive ways of styling and loving yourself.

Have a GREAT WEEKEND everyone!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Style : Puffy wide sleeves

Inspiration :                                        FENDI COLLECTION FALL 2012

photo credits : STYLE

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blues Clues

Yesterday  was a holiday ( Presidents Day ) that means my hubby is not working and no school for my little guy. We got nothing much goin on that day, just chillin and relaxin.So we decided to take Lucas (my son) to  Dave and Buster's, then dinner afterwards at my favorite Chinese place Pf Changs!oh yeah oh yeah...not too excited huh ,i ve been craving their shrimp w/ lobster sauce and lomein combo last week..So delish.Now im happy and satisfied :) Hubby got his usual fried rice combo.Anyways, hubby took my picture before we head out and i have to say he really did an awesome job. The lighting is just perfect, i dont have to edit it, except to blur the background a little bit. Im so happy with the results considering we only did these 3 shots.

the flash caught me again ugh! thats ok ...it gives a little drama.

In this outfit i playfuly combined blues and nudes. I think the nude scarf and boots, just give that icing on top of the cake...and the bag is the figurine on top..what the heck am i talking about? hmmm..i think somebody needs some dessert.

 jumper : Kohls , coat : Guess, jeans : pacsun, boots : Steven Madden, scarf : Kohls, bag : Dooney and Burke.
Do you like my casual get up ?Hopefully you do.

Thank you so much for reading !!! Have a great day :)


Monday, February 20, 2012

Colorblock : teal and cranberry red

Vest : Jennifer Lopez for Kohls, Anorak trench coat : Laundry ( Macys),bag : Kate Spade
Such a beautiful day in Michigan last Saturday.The snow has already melted and the temperature is a bit higher than those past few days and because of that it puts me in the mood to colorblock. Im so inspired with retro  and colorblock right now.I dont know why, but somehow the style speaks to me.I love the classic statement that it brings.So last week i was in a mission to look for vintage pieces at the trift store.This teal blouse is one of the treasures i found.I love the classic style, the pleat details and the grandma looking buttons.Did you notice how i layer my vest and trench coat? What do you think of it?
Vintage teal blouse : trifted , red pants : Target, nude pumps : Aldo, accesories : F21

Inspirations :

DVF photo credit: elle

Gucci  photo credit : style.com

Gucci ( credit : style.com )

Rachel Roy

Friday, February 17, 2012

Blush Focus

Dolman knit : Forever 21 , Chiffon top : Forever 21, Skirt : H&M, Mary jane pumps : LC ,bag : Kate Spade

This is what i wore last Valentines day. I was gonna wear red because i love red,  but im gonna ditch red this time and go for blush or baby pinks on that day. Although its a spring/summer color ,its hard to resist its sweet and feminine palette. Probably im just inspired of this color that some designers did at New York fashion week for their spring/summer collection.So this post is dedicated to my obssession with blush.Ofcourse, its not gonna stop from here because most likely i will be sporting this color palette more in a next few months... i cant wait for spring and summer!

A Jason Wu for target..i call this look Preppy Vintage

The Vintage Schoolgirl

I found this vintage skirt at my trip to the trift store last week.Oh my,i found 4 vintage  goodies and I cant wait to show you my vintage finds.I got excited when i saw this skirt,i love the tweed material, the soft pink and purple plaid combination and the high waist style.I was really gonna wear this last Valentines day but i think its too much of a schoolgirl look,nonetheless i love this look its too cute!

Ala vintage like editing in this photo to go with the outfit.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Leopard jeans

Hello everybody!here's an another addition of my leopard collections.I thought im done with leo prints, but this one is calling my name when i saw it at Target last week. I was also inspired by my 3 favorite bloggers rocking this number, one of the reasons why i have to have one too ! I love the washed out or fade effect in the front.It looks a little too washed out in the picture due to the flash ,but in person its just subtle.I think pairing it with 70's style, peter pan collared pastel pink sheer blouse will tone done the bold prints of the jeans ,giving it a little dressy look.

Blouse : Forever 21
Jeans : Target
heels : Jessica Simpson

 So what do you guys think?

 Inspiration for this look :

photo credits : Nanysklozet ,style scrapbook , wendyslookbook
I LOVE each of their version, it so hard to pick which one is my favorite.So what do you think,which one of them is your favorite ?

Thank you so much for reading :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My inspirations from Mercedez Benz Fashion Week

Betsey Johnson

I love the peek of leopard with  sweet color pastels

Derek Lam

Boldness of the color is tamed with a classic cut.So sophisticated without being  boring.


casual chic

Ellie Tahari

Ellie Tahari

Betsey Johnson

Lela Rose

Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff

Tadashi Shoji

Tadashi Shoji

Tory Burch

Combination of prints head to toe.Different patterns but they all somehow blend in together.Brilliant.

photo credit: mercedes benz fashion week spring 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fashion Designer : Aldwin Ornopia Guardiana

Aldwin Ornopia Guardiana is a   Filipino designer of Art Fashion in Abu Dabi , his designs has been featured in Illustrado ( the magazine for international filipino) .His creations are  most of the time haute couture and  recently a mind blowing avant garde inspired by the unique skycraper  Urban Forest Chongqing, China’s skyline .Here is the link of the full article of his amazing creation,absolutely breathtaking >>URBAN ORGANIC.Aldwin's haute couture creations are inspired by feminity and romanticism.They are elaborate and embellished with beautiful accents of silk,tulles,laces, delicate crystals and beads.It is vibrant without being too loud, It speaks overall class.Im so proud to say that Aldwin Guardiana is my friend and a classmate way back in college under medical science.I remember way back then when we were hanging out along the school hallways or by the cafeteria or between class breaks ,he always talks about beautiful gowns of designers and beauty pageants in towns.By then,I can tell how much he loves fashion and how passionate he is just by the tone of his voice and the excitement in his eyes when he talks about designers and gowns.So, i wasnt surprised when he shifted from becoming a physical theraphist to become a fashion designer. A rising star of his chosen career path. As the saying goes " Dreams dont work unless you do " that means we have to do something about what we really want in life or else it
will never happen. Aldwin im so proud and happy for you my friend.I wish you more success in life.

Check for more in his facebook and Like >> Art Fashion Co

These are just a few of my many favorites in his A/W 2011 haute and bridal couture

check out his 2010 fashion show :


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