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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Denim head to toe and Bright pink lipstick

 On mommy : denim shirt : H&M , pants : Pacsun , wedge sandal : Lauren Conrad (Kohls) , necklace: Sonoma (Kohls)

 On the little guy : Gymboree shirt and pants , Children's Place Shoes

Denims are one of the most comfortable piece of clothing.So why not wear them all..denim shirt, denim pants and finish it up with denim colored sandals. Sounds a little funky huh , but when I put them all together,  each of them having different hues of blues ( including my nail polish )..they dont look too bad afterall. Then i wrap it up with a tribal necklace and bright pink lipstick. I love this new Nicki Minaj bright pink lipstick from Mac. I love that its neon bright pink, it gives you that jazzy, sweet and sexy looking pout like Nicki Minaj. Im inspired of this neon trend for spring and summer. You see a lot of shades of neon outfits from runways , streetstyles and celebrities.Lipstick and all other make up shades are no exception, they join in the neon bandwagon as well.

Yesterday was  my little guy's last day of school for Easter break. It was a very nice Spring weather yesterday and before we head out to dinner obviously we took some quick snapshots and then I realized me and my son  had matching outfits...thats too cute.

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Blooper pic i love...I totally missed the shot coz its too windy but he is just irresistably cute.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Essentials : bright blazers and platform strappy wedges

Blazer : Candies , Romper : Forever 21 (old) , Bag : Kate Spade , Wedge: Elle (kohls) , Accesories : Henri Bendel bracelet (gifted ) , forever 21 ring , Zales aquamarine heart ring (gifted)

Bright blazers and platform strappy wedges are  my Spring essentials this year. Why i choose them ? A blazer is versatile.  You can pair them with almost anything in your closet, be a dress, romper, a jeans and tee, a shorts and tee. I choose a bright colored  one because  it gives vibrance and statement to an outfit. I love how it gives a polish look over this floral romper. 

Strappy wedges, I love them. Specially the ones with platform, you will be able to wear them with ease and comfort and have the extra  inches to lengthen your legs while wearing all your favorite short skirts and dresses.

These two goes with almost everything in your closet and also perfect with almost any occasion.

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Have a great day everyone!



Thursday, March 22, 2012

Take me to a Music Festival

top : Mossimo (old) , pants :  H&M , bag : Ralph Lauren , accesories : Forever 21 bracelets and bebe ring

Spring has just started, but here in Michigan the weather is soaring high like summer.Think, 85 degrees F,crazy huh considering we are still in the middle of March and its not even Easter yet. I remember  this day last year I wore  a cardigan or a spring jacket.Anyhow, because of this very warm weather, you dress for the part too. So I wore this casual comfy ensemble, then throw in a couple tribal accesories and a vintage style bag, to give a little bohemian vibe. I think this outfit is perfect to go to a  music festival like Coachella too bad i dont live in L.A. Im a music lover and going to  musical concerts during the summer months is something i  look forward to.

More about my outfit, I love this high waist polka dot wide leg trousers from H&M. Its breezy, comfy and the polka dot prints is just sophisticated. I did a casual take on this trousers by pairing it with  an 80's style,with tiny splash of neons on this cotton tank top.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Style: High waist

jacket : Guess , top : H&M , shorts : Forever 21 , shoes : bandolino ,bag : dooney and burke , accesories : Forever 21 , sunglasses : A/X

ice cream stop

For some reason , Im obssessed with everything high- waisted   since last autumn till now.Be either pants,shorts and skirts. I believe it creates an illusion of longer legs. Aside from that, it has that retro chic style, which is on trend right now and i really love it.  

Last weekend, me and my little buddy here went to a  birthday party , then went shopping  and then went to the playground, then out to dinner. What a fun filled day...he crashed out on our way home.The weather is crazy beautiful lately,its still in the middle of March but the weather already feels like summer.I didnt get to wear much of spring jackets but im not complaining, i love the temperature in the summer.I like to be hot than cold. I love summer dresses, shorts , chiffon blouses and cute tank tops. I love sandals and wedges. I love strolling in the park with a frappucino.I love the beach. I can go on and on......To sum up I love summer! who doesnt , right?

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Assymetrical skirt

skirt : H&M very similar HERE  , top : Forever 21 ,bag : Dooney and burke ,  shoes : LC lauren conrad @kohls , accesories : Forever 21

I love the coming trend of this mullet skirt ,hi-low skirt or assymetrical skirt.Who ever started to design and create this beauty is just genius. I think its a gift for petite girls like me who wanna wear longer flowy skirts ( atleast on the half side ) . Im 5ft, wearing skirts below the knee has always been a challenge. Most of the time when i see one that i really love in the store, i get a little dissapointed because it just doesnt fit right on me. I look shorter and that doesnt help when im with my 6 footer husband. Here comes the assymetrical skirt, the savior for shorties. When you take a look at the front view, your legs are exposed and the background behind legs expose the other half length of the skirt, makes it look like your wearing maxi skirt but not really. When its a little windy, i love how it flows with the wind. Its a little dramatic just like that. You can also wear it in different ways just like this HERE . Its so versatile you can wear this anywhere and anytime. With this one im wearing right now, i cant wait to take this to the beach  :)

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Friday, March 16, 2012

My birthday boy

boys!! dont mess with the cake!

His bestfriend wanna be in the picture
Last weekend , My one and only son celebrated his 4th birthday.I cant believe he is already 4, time goes so fast, its just seems yesterday that i was pregnant  and delivered this little guy. He is getting bigger, taller and talk like a storm.He ask a lot of questions of almost everything and curious of every little thing. He knows how to push mommy's buttons , but also knows how to melt my heart in an instant. Its just so amazing how this precious little ones develop and discover things in their own ways.Ok, now im getting a little teary eyed while writing. Lets talk something fun and cute , My little Optimus here  wanna have a Transformer birthday party. So obviously, i did a transformer theme from goody bags to decorations. I was gonna let him wear his bumblee costume he had last halloween but its a fail, he dont wanna be hot for the party which does make sense.Since its his birthday he got his way.We had a total of 10 kids, we had games and crafts.For the crafts, i bought a Spritz activity kit at Target.They have all kinds for boys and girls. Its a hit at the party..everyone get to participate including the moms. It was a fun filled day..I was exhausted at the end but its all worth it.Every year I always look forward celebrating my son's birthday. Every year also, i always say at the end of the party..I will do Chuckie Cheese next year.But it always end up in the house...for some reason when  his birthday is coming up and i started planning his party in my head...i get excited and makes me decide to do it at home..even though how tired i will be at the end. Its all worth it and its nice to be in the comfort of your own home.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lacey Sunday

dress : H&M, vest: jennifer lopez for kohls, shoes: Lauren Conrad for kohls, bracelet : Henri Bendel ( a gift from a friend i really love it! )

Inspiration :

photo credit : pandora's box

Hi beautiful people ! When i saw  this H&M lace dress worn by Sarah of pandoras box . I just fell in love with it.I love how she styled it in a sort of bohemian eclectic  ensemble. So last week when i paid a visit to H&M, I got excited when i spotted this dress .Its very gorgeuos in person. The lace is soft and delicate ..almost like handmade.For a price of $ 30 you cant go wrong with it.I can see myself wearing a lot with it during  spring and summer season.You can dress up and dress down with this dress, also one of the reason why i love it .I like to purchase things that goes with almost everything in my closet and also can be styled it in different ways , so i can wear it more than once in a different look.Thanks Sarah for the inspiration..check out her blog.She got great style.

Last Sunday is a special day for me coz its my 30th birthday and i wanna celebrate it with an all white ensemble to start my new decade with a sign of peace and love... dramatic huh. Anyways, during the day, i went out for brunch and shopping with my girlfriend while hubby is taking care of our son.Being able to shop kid-free is such a big treat for me.I dont get to do this very often since having a child and simple things like this is already a big thing when your a mom.I know, isnt he sweet ? He is the best  that ever happened in my life.Then when i got home from shopping, the basement is clean coz we had a party down there the other day ( he doesnt normally clean, so i was really surprise) and then he took me out to dinner.Isnt that lovely? The best day ever...simple and intimate..just the way i want it.

Thank you my sweetie for everything ..your the best thing that ever happened in my life.

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love lots ,

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gold and Pastel

I love the combination of nude, gold and coral.I think they match with my warm skintone. Its a beautiful day today..70's F , such an early spring weather and im loving it ! When the weather is nice it just puts you in a good mood...not too obvious right ?

A snapshot  that hubby took. I swear to god , i didnt close my eyes when he took this photo, he said i blink again...hmmm really?  actually its not bad ,but a little cheesy for me but i still like it regardless.
Its pretty windy today and in this picture, it looks like im actually feeling it....like really really feeling it.

blazer : Forever 21, romper : Forever 21 , bangle : Forever 21, purse : Michael Kors, heels : Calvin Klein


Kourtney Kardashian in Free People romper, Chanel bag, YSL sandals, Tod sunglasses

photo via Fabsugar

Ive seen this outfit of Kourtney last 2010 when she just gave birth to her son Mason and since then its been stuck in
my head and I really love how she put everything together here. I really love her style and she is one of my fashion icons.


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