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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bump of Love

Hi everyone ! Long time no see...actually its been more than 7 months since my last blog post or even atleast checked my blog list. For that long absence of updates, something incredible happened to me, Im 7 months pregnant with my second child and this time its gonna be a girl . We are all so excited !  we just cant wait to lay our eyes on her and welcome her to the world. When i first found out i was pregnant, i was so excited to blog about it all the way through my pregnancy, but my battle of morning sickness is never ending  even through my 2nd trimester, plus i get a lot of sleepless nights too on top of that. The pregnancy hormones is just too over empowering. Nonetheless, we are all happy and excited that we are  having a baby girl  and Lucas  is gonna be a big  brother. Here are some of the highlights and milestones  of my pregnancy.

First trimester ...on my 13 weeks

15 weeks
The 2nd Trimester


The 3rd Trimester

In my 27 weeks. This was taken on my baby shower given to me by my best friends.It was so amazing ..i would have to do a separate blog post about it.
Im in my 29 weeks now, and yes, she is getting heavier.Getting up and bending down is kind of already a struggle. But thats all worth it specially when she actively starts kicking in my womb.It feels so amazing....makes me smile everytime. It has been over 4 years since i was pregnant with my first child that i sometimes  forgot how it was like  being pregnant and now it brings back the memories when i was pregnant with my boy Lucas. Every pregnancy is different indeed, with Lucas my morning sickness is shorter and i have no sleeping problems, but my back hurts a lot on 2nd trimester but went away on the 3rd trimester. The 2nd pregnancy, my morning sickness is longer , i get less sleep at night, i have to get a nap everyday.I didnt get back aches yet, hopefully not. They say if you stay active and move around a lot, it makes you flexible and less chance of having body aches. Taking care of my first child helped me to stay active, even if how tired i am i still have to get my butt up and get my day going with Lucas. Its all good... he always brings joy in me.Having kids is the greatest adventure in life. You routinely do things with them everyday, but you meet different circumstances .They can be demanding , they test your patience and consumes your time, but they are the most rewarding thing that happened to me. They are my inspiration, they open up a whole new purpose of living and loving life.
Have a good day everyone!


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