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Monday, December 31, 2012

Maternity Fashion : Winter Boho

The outfit im wearing is super comfy for strolling around or shopping specially when your 38  weeks pregnant. In here i combined burnt colors of wine,caramel and olive to have that  vintage boho look.I would say my favorite item here is the ankle boots...aside that its comfortable, i love that burnt dark brown on the tips of the shoe and the unzipped zipper on the sides...looks like a distressed leather.Check on the links im sharing with you guys to  get a pretty similar look of my outfit.
hat : Kohls
black knitted shirt : Guess
terracota vest : Forever 21
pants : Pacsun
bag : Louis Vuitton
western boots : Sam Edelman shop similar here

Get a similar look :

Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year's Eve outfit idea for Mom-to-be

top : Arden B.
Bracelets : Betsey Johnson
Leggings : Pink Rose
Pumps : ALDO
Even if we have a watermelon in our tummy, we pregnant mommies are not exempted to party....except ,ofcourse no alcohol.A club scene would be a little inappropriate because a lot of crazy people out there but a small house party with family and friends is the way to go.This is an outfit idea for the mom-to-be...I chose this glittered animal print dolman tunic top to go with the New Year's Eve occasion. Glitters and sequins accents are perfect to meet the New Year !Even if we are pregnant...that doesnt stop us for going glitz and glam. Let's meet the New Year with glamorous, beautiful and positive vibes :) Good luck to my delivery pretty soon and to the mom-to-be out there....good luck to you all!

                                                      HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! 


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Baroque Fashion

faux fur coat : INC at Macys
dress : H&M (old)
pants : Bisou-bisou
wedge : Ivanka Trump

What is baroque ? The Baroque (US /bəˈrk/ or UK /bəˈrɒk/) is a period of artistic style that used exaggerated motion and clear, easily interpreted detail to produce drama, tension, exuberance, and grandeur in sculpture, painting, architecture, literature, dance and music.

base on an article at www.fashionising.com

Baroque revival: the elements

  • Embroidery, needlepoint and tapestry.
  • Rich fabrics like velvet, leather and silk brocades.
  • Gold, gold and more gold. Gold hardware, gold embellishments, gold thread.
  • Ornate patterns that preference symmetry over assymmetry and curves over hard lines.
  • References to artworks, sculpture, interior design (don’t be suprised if some garments make you think of grandiose staircases or antique wallpaper

Inspiration :

credit : www.cosmopolitan.com

credit : www.fashionising.com

credit : www.globalmarket.com

Get the look :

1. MANGO halfmoon earings 14.99
2. MANGO plumetti blouse $54.99
3.MANGO metallic brocade skirt $44.99
4.MANGO leather strap ankle boots $79.99


Thank you and have a great week! 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Errands day is Sneakers day

Sweater : Guess
leather jacket : American Rag
wedge sneakers : Candies similar here and here

The hype is all about the comfy and chic looking Isabel Marant wedge sneakers. Im not really a big fan of sneakers but that all change ever since i lay my eyes on wedge sneakers. Obviously because its a wedge..its adds height, perfect for shorty's like me :)

Today im 37 weeks and 1 cm dilated ! I had my last ultrasound this morning and baby girl is looking healthy, the doctor said she is already 6.9 lbs ! thats pretty big for me considering she is not even born yet and who knows when she's gonna exactly come out....and that could be anytime and anyday from now, hopefully she will not be overdue. When Lucas was born he was only 6.7 lbs and i had him at 37 weeks too. Im so ready to welcome my baby Olivia.

Inspiration :


credit :www.fashionguitar.com
Miranda Kerr

credit :www.upscalemag.com

Dakota Fanning

credit :www.thechroniclemag.com 

Alessandra Ambrosio

Ashlee Simpson

Tuesday, December 18, 2012



Sweater : Worthington @JCP  pretty similar here OPTION 1 OPTION 2
faux leather leggings : Guess similar here OPTION 1 OPTION 2
lace up ankle boots : Elle @ Kohls  similar here OPTION 1 OPTION 2

Monday, December 10, 2012

Winter Stripes

Tunic top : H&M
leggings : Simply Vera Wang

boots : Etienne Aigner  similar here and here
Free Shipping and Free Returns on every order, only at Heels.com!

bag : Kate Spade pretty similar OPTION 1 ,OPTION 2 ,OPTION 3

infinity scarf : H&M... get it now only 5 bucks!
coat : Laudry by Shelli Segal

Hi everyone! How was your weekend ? Ive been very busy finishing up my long list of chores. My hospital bag is ready ....hubby will just have to put it  in the car and install the car seat as well. Atleast I get to do some Christmas shopping for the hubby and im glad i got that done. Its hard to shop for him...thats always my delimma every Christmas, birthdays and father's day.Being a secure, confident and resourceful man that he is, seems like he doesnt need anything. So i have to think of things that i think he missed out on buying for himself either hobby related , work related or this and that things.Nothing fancy or extravagant ....just about right.

The outfit im wearing here is what i call my " maternity uniform ". When my belly starts getting bigger , tunic shirts , long sweatears and leggings are my bestfriends then pairing it with flat boots ... that simple and im ready to go!

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a great week !


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nesting Momma

Sweater : Lauren Conrad @ Kohls
Leggings : Vera Wang
booties : Chinese Laundry

Hi everyone ! Im 35 weeks .... I have 5 more weeks to go but i feel and i look like im about to pop this baby out. Even if i have a month to go...im already panicking on my stuffs thats needs to be done before the baby arrives. My baby's crib and all the stuff she needs is all set, but im panicking over the things that needs to get done for the holidays.Like sending Christmas cards , christmas shopping for everybody, wrapping the gifts,putting some lights outside..my husband and my dad does it obviously, but i wanna make sure im there watching them when they put it on . Another thing is finishing up my Christmas decorations inside the house.  Some people advise me not to do Christmas decors because of the baby's arrival and putting them down is such a hassle, i wont have the time. Its true and i totally agree with that but i wanna have a symbol of Christmas spirit inside the house. Thats my favorite time of the year and i cant pass that up. Lucas is 4 years old, he is so aware of everything and i want to do some holiday traditions with him aside from the opening of the gifts on Christmas day. We already did our gingerbread house last week.....he really enjoys it. We still got to do our Christmas cookies this week. I love doing these things with him...the simple joys of being a  mom are spending these memorable moments. They grow up so fast, the next thing you know they have their own family and having their own traditions :).

 Its kinda tiring already..my tummy is getting heavier, but i have more energy now compared to the first six months of my pregnancy...I had terrible morning sickness, i get dizzy a lot, specially when im on the laptop or being a passenger in the car. I rather drive than being a passenger..no matter how careful and slowly my husband do the turns, i still get dizzy. Aside from that...i wasnt  in the mood for anything at all, i just wanna sleep all day ! So even if my pregnant belly is heavy and my hips are soar but its just sometimes...its better than morning sickness and throwing up all day..im glad that was over. I probably bore you already with my rants :) So ill stop here for now and hopefully you like my maternity outfit. Hubby and I went out for dinner with friends that time.... so i figured, I'll have him took a few snapshots of me and my belly. A little maternity fashion memory before baby girl comes!

Thank you so much for reading and   have a great weekend!!!


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A moment in my tummy, a lifetime in my heart.

Sweater : Express  (similar) ( similar )
Free 3-Day U.S. Ground Shipping and Free Returns at Shopbop

pants : Target (similar )
10% off $100 plus free shipping. Coupon Code:DEALNEWS10

bag : Tory Burch (similar )
shoes : Calvin Klein ( similar )
necklace : Macy's

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? I had an awesome weekend. I attended one of my closest friends birthday lunch at McCormick and Schmiks  and we also had a Christmas party get together, there as well. We did it a little early because of our busy schedules coming up as we are getting close to the holidays and I might  pop this baby out anytime soon this month! Im so excited....I know, i always say that on every post...I cant help it. I am really excited!

I already mentioned about the Bella Band from my last post . I cant help not to rave about this product. This is not a sponsored post, but i just wanna help other pregnant mommy's out there of how well this product do to me. First of all, this leopard pants that i wore is not a maternity pants. I just did my" hair tie-  loop- to the button "trick. Then i wore my bella band over the pants to hold up my unzip pants....yes, cant zip it anymore ladies. The only support is the hair tie and the bella band that holds it up pretty good. Viola ! A layered look ...not too bad.  I dont like maternity pants ! I have been using them when i was pregnant with Lucas and oh boy, i just hate the fit. I am so short and petite..its hard to find the right fit, plus  you never get to use them after having the baby. With the bella band ,even after you have your baby, you can still use it for layering. I hope you like my maternity style :)

Thank you so much for reading and may you guys have a great week !

                                                                  love ,


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