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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fashion Secret : Shapewear

 From what I said from my previous post.This candy colored scuba dress also from Arden B. is one of my favorite purchase for my spring wardrobe. I love that it has some  black lines along the bodice...kinda like highlights a woman's figure. The only thing that gets me in this body hugging dress is that , you have to have a perfect shapewear to go along in it, not unless you got a perfect flat tummy. But in my case, i just had a baby 2 months ago ,so a shapewear is a must every wear i go for the moment ,but i still need to work out ! Anyhow, my friends threw me a birthday party last weekend.This is the outfit i wore, unfortunately my pictures at the party is not pleasant on the tummy part, as you can see from the BEFORE picture ...i just realize that i didnt wear my shapewear right where its supposed to be. What i mean is, i didnt double it. I only wore one pair of shapewear, it looks fine on the mirror but it looks horrible on the pictures. So when i got home i wore my other pair, i double my shapewear and viola...aint too bad ! I should have done it on the first place...but oh well...too late now. Anyways, on the AFTER picture...im using two kinds of shape wear the DKNY shapewear , its a seamless light control shaping brief with lovely lace on the sides, its very comfortable. I use this a lot coz its so comfy its like underwear, but even before I was pregnant i use it a lot too ,specially when i have my period and if  i feel so bloated, this shapewear is just perfect. After i deliver my baby, until now my tummy didn't shrunk back in yet, this DKNY shapewear just didn't make the cut in this body hugging dress  as you can see on the BEFORE picture, but if i wear it with jeans its perfect..(bye bye muffin top) . So what other shapewear i use to wear it with the DKNY shapewear in this dress ? I use Maidenform shapewear , its a firm control shapewear . You would ask why didn't you use just the Maidenform shapewear on the first place since its a firm control? I did that too but the result is just the same as the BEFORE picture. So when i double both shapewears, the result .. you can see at the AFTER picture.. it sucks my tummy in, so smooth ,no lines and very comfy. Im sure there are other brands out there that can achieve that. Im just sharing it with you what i did with my shapewears and showed you my trick. Regardless, i still need to workout, there is nothing even better to look good naked rather than just look good in clothes. Ofcourse, its great to look and feel healthy too.

Thanks so much for reading and have a great day !



Kim Alston said...

Shape wear is so important! I use it all the time. It can truly pull you in and make everything look better. Great post!

Dressing Up For Me said...

Very interesting! I don´t normally use shapewear because I don´t like the feeling of being constricted and so in my bloated days, I just wear the loosest top that I can find in my closet, hahaha!

Thanks for the info,April! :)

Sarah Hartley said...

I still haven't bought shapewear but I definitely need to to wear some dresses in my closet.

NaNa said...

Ooh shapewear looks like quite an interesting product, definitely very helpful on those bloated days! xoxo

Nik said...

That dress is lovely on you!



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