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Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Trend : Pastel studded jacket and Scuba dress

Obviously, most of us living in the east side look forward for the spring/summer season. Aside from the beautiful shift of warmer climate its also the time to showcase bright and light hue clothings. I am inspired of studs right now, even though its been out for awhile. It sparks my interest after reading other fashion blogs and designers showcasing studded ensembles.....does Valentino ring a bell?. Anyhow, each have different portrayal of how they wear it. With my style , i wanted to be subtle and just little details here and there. So when i saw this jacket at ARDEN B. i instantly fell in love, I knew i can pair it with almost anything in my closet ,since i love neutral pastel hues and it compliments more on my tan skintone.It got me more excited because its on sale. Therefore, its meant to be.

This candy colored scuba dress also from Arden B. is one of my favorite purchase for my spring wardrobe. I love that it has some  black lines along the bodice...kinda like highlights a woman's figure. The only thing that gets me in this body hugging dress is that , you have to have a perfect shapewear to go along in it, not unless you got a perfect flat tummy. But in my case, i just had a baby 2 months ago ,so a shapewear is a must every wear i go for the moment ,but i still need to work out ! Anyhow, my friends threw me a birthday party last weekend.This is the outfit i wore, unfortunately my pictures at the party is not pleasant on the tummy part...i just realize that i didnt wear my shapewear right where its supposed to be. What i mean is, i didnt double it. I only wore one pair of shapewear, it looks fine on the mirror but it looks horrible on the pictures. So when i got home i wore my other pair, i double my shapewear and viola...aint too bad ! If you ask me hows it feel like ? Im gonna do a separate post about it.So stay tuned!

Hope you guys hade a great weekend, to get a similar look of my outfit check out  the widget below for more details.
Have a great week everyone and thank you for reading !
love ,



Dressing Up For Me said...

That nude jacket is divine and I´m loving that color blocked dress. You look fab as usual! :)

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

hey april! i am LOVING that dress. the pastel color-blocking looks GORGEOUS. fab jacket too! you rocked the look.

Ashley Taylor said...

You look so professional but fun and sexy :) Well done, girl!

xo Ashley


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