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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Go Green !


Hi beauties ! Spring is officially here and so summer is just around the corner. Are you ready to bare some skin with sexy tops and shorty shorts, mini skirts and flirty dresses? How about strutting at  the beach or by the pool in a bikini ? Every summer this is always my delimma ,wearing a bikini. If there is one thing im very insecure of my body right now, its my tummy. Obviously, after I had two babies, my skin and my body is not the way it was. My skin lost its thightness  and my body have distribution of fats in unwanted places. As of the moment, Im not bikini ready. I need to do something ! So I was thinking , instead of doing some fad diets why don't I  do a lifestyle change and start eating more fruits and veggies and be COMMITTED to it. Btw, I was juicing before I got pregnant with my 2nd baby but then I stopped because  I throw up after I drink them, like everytime ! seriously. I think its the lemon that makes my stomach more acidic and makes me vomit, omitting the lemon in my juice is  impossible. So I stopped maybe for at least 7 months, then I got back to it, but it wasn't daily anymore. Now I have to keep reminding myself to stick to it , I don't want to think that I have to lose weight because it will just put pressure on me and makes me do some drastic measures that's not good for my health. I have 2 kids, I need to take care of myself and with that I need to start eating healthy again. So enough of my ramblings...sorry I got you bored.

Here is my Green Juice recipe :

1/2 of the 24 oz pack spinach
 5 stalks celery
1 bunch hearts of romaine lettuce
1 apple
1 pear
1 banana
1 lemon
cilantro ( optional but its good to remove toxins )

Cut up your fruits and hard veggies then put them all in the juicer !

If you don't have a juicer use a blender just add half cup of water or ice. If its too thick you can always add more water . Be experimental ,add a little more lemon or more fruits. Whatever suits your taste buds.

What about you guys, do you do juicing too? Any health ideas and recipes you want to share ?

Thanks so much for reading and have a great weekend everyone!


Ice Pandora said...

Too bad the spring over here
is cold :c I guess we have to
wait abit longer!

This green juice looks really
healthy :P you've got a nifty
looking kitchen machine!


The Blonde Diary by Kelsey S. said...

Will have to try this juice! Looks deliciously healthy!



Kim Alston said...

I have a Breville juicer to April. I'm about to start juicing again. My mix is Kale, tomato, green apple, celery and carrots. It tastes so good! Good for you for making a lifestyle change.


thank you for sharing :-x
it looks so delicious !!!

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Novarinna Tan said...

Looks delicious.. Must try :)
Thanks for sharing!!
Following u :)

Chic Swank

Yulie Kendra said...

great post! looks yummi!
Maybe we follow each other!?
Let me know :)



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