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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Throwback Thursday : Disney Fantasy

Photo Diary
May of 2012 , We went to experience our first 7 days Eastern Carribean family cruise, the inaugural launch of  Disney Fantasy Lucas was so excited and gleaming with happiness. He was all smiles, full of energy and non-stop activity. Nothing makes a parent more happier than seeing their child's enthusiasm and enjoying what life has to offer for them. This vacation week was also a big surprise coz its when we found out I was pregnant with my  now 3 months old baby Livy.
A Toy Story fanatic he is ,  Our first stop was Andy's Room, there he was  greeted by  Rex one of the Toy Story character. He jumped at his back like a flash and said " Mommy you have to take my picture with Rex! " Then he posed, just like that ...pretty much trained eh?!

A dream is a wish your heart makes, when your fast asleep....

Family portrait at the captains ball
The grand ballroom
 I dream to go back in these tropical islands... Castaway Cay

This is one of the beaches at St. Maarten. The next island we stopped was St. Thomas but I was terribly sick to take pictures . I guess 7 days cruise was too long for a preggy me.

Simple joys

Rock and Roll at the Pirate Party

Lukie addicted to Aqua Lab
My attempt on detail photography or whatever they call it...

Water spots on my lens, did you notice it?


It was definitely a fun filled experience for all of us. Tons of activity for kids and adults, I swear to God I couldn't keep up with all the fun activities they offer. There is always something to do, my super energetic son never got bored, when its bedtime he was out in a snap! The service? Thumbs up. They are all friendly and accommodating. Our waiters is ahead of us of what we need. They even cut up the food for him, every dinner time.
They also have a daycare that you can drop off your kids on certain schedules, so that you can do adult stuff. They give your child some activities  and projects. Another cool thing about it too, they gave you a cellphone, that only works around the ship of course and they will update you about anything or whether your child wanted to be picked up. Overall our trip was definitely fantastic and memorable. Im glad we did this on the first few weeks of  my pregnancy because afterwards I  was busy preparing for the coming baby and then taking care of the baby afterwards. So we were glad we were able to do this trip. After the trip , Lucas just raving about how great his vacation was and he wanted to go back there again!
So there, a little sneak peak of my personal life. Aside from fashion, I also love to talk and share to you a bit pieces of my life as a mother, our travels and just about anything goes.
Thank you so much for reading and have a great day my beauties!


Kim Alston said...

hey april! thank you for sharing your trip you took in '12. i have heard nothing but EXCELLENT things about the Disney Fantasy. Everyone always enjoys themselves. Your little one had a BLAST! hahaha Sorry you weren't feeling good and oh gosh to be on a boat during that time...I can't imagine. But you looked GREAT! And you got through it. Glad it was a good one!

GlamorousGirl said...

great photos!


Rachel Emma Schutz said...

How fun! The pic of your son on the dinosaur is too cute!


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