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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bridesmaid in White

credit : Vogue

When the news broke that Kate Middleton and Prince William got engaged, the first thing that came up to my mind is the color motif of her bridesmaid dresses. I never thought that its going to be white. We have this stereotype thinking that bridesmaids should not wear the same dress color with the bride , so that she will stand out. But that changed  since  the  royal wedding of Kate and Prince William.

credit : styleclone

White bridesmaid dresses is a fresh modern take from the stereotypical colorful motif of bridesmaid dresses, it's more elegant , classic and such a clean look.  Even if you take a look at your bridal party pictures  again 20 years later, it still look classy.

credit : www.modelingsworld.blogspot.com

After the royal wedding, the famous Kardashian family has their own take too of white bridesmaid dresses . This time with glamorous and lavishing silks and flowy organza mermaid gowns. It is so beautiful.

Here are some beautiful and elegant white bridesmaid dresses at Persunmall , check for more on their website www.persunmall.com.au

Chiffon strapless pleats A-line dress
Ruffle one shoulder A-line knee length dress
Strapless with sash A-line long dress
White pleated knee length dress
So do you like the bridesmaid in white trend ?
Have a great weekend everyone!
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Cindi said...

This is funny, because where I am from it's the other way around. The white/cream coloured bridesmaid dresses are the traditional ones (especially if the bridesmaids/flowergirls are younger) and the coloured ones are more exotic/american style. I don't know if it's like that all over Europe though, I think wedding traditions vary a lot from country to country. I actually think I prefer the coloured dresses :)



Kim Alston said...

I do like white! I never thought of it as an option until recently (much like you). It's very clean and minimal. Practically timeless with the right style. It's definitely something to consider.

monica said...

I think it will depend on the bride because I know some of them that will turn into bridezillas if someone wears white at their wedding.


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