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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Love , Mommy ( A Mother's day special )

 My dear beautiful children ,
Since you came into mommy and daddy's  life , it was love at first sight. The first time I held you , I know its going to be a magnificent beautiful journey ahead of us. Ever since then , you stretch and challenge me in so many ways that I could not imagine before. When I was still going  to dental school and doing my internship. I had this silly crazy idea that ,when I'm going to have a baby, I would stock up some gloves and mask , to use it every time I do my baby's poopy diaper. Just like when im doing a treatment to a patient. Little that I know before, that motherhood is totally different from what you thought It would be. The student in me before, never would have thought that a sight of a poopy diaper would bring me so much joy and calmness, just because you haven't poop for days. I didn't mind the mess as long as your healthy and will be ok. When I was pregnant with you Lucas, in preparation of your arrival I have been reading baby books and baby articles online. I was so happy and excited , as a first timer I was unsure of what to expect. Little that I know , that you my sweet boy will just guide me with ease , you were already a great teacher to mommy in so many ways and you didn't even know how to talk yet at that time. You're that amazing! Same as you my darling Livy, mommy thinks she "knows it all" already , little that I know, you have your own version too of surprising mommy with your girly twist , you remind me to slow down and  just calmly ride the change of  life. As each of you growing each day, adapting accordingly to  each of your own milestone, mommy at times  get caught in between on certain circumstances. I strive to get things done .
 My patience is being tested. I strive to fight frustration.
 Just by the look of your eyes, you remind me to take it easy, and don't let vulnerability gets me so easily.  You are both my inspiration , you give me  the strength  and the reason to live. You both are my purpose in life.
 Mommy and daddy are blessed and so proud of you both, just for being here in this world. That alone, you already made such a beautiful and meaningful impact in our lives . As you both grow up and evolve each day doing your day to day things in life moving towards the direction in achieving your dreams and there are times you will get confuse about life. Remember this, you are special , you're beautiful and you mean so much to many.
I love you so much


Kim Alston said...

April, these pictures of you and your family are so FABULOUS! Your children are the cutest and you look so good! I love your hair up! And hand over those cute sandals. I love your message to your children. You're a beautiful mother and they will cherish you. Thanks for sharing doll.

chocolatefashioncoffee said...

cute photos, dear :)


Regine Karpel said...

How beautiful!

Claudia Castro said...

beautiful pics!

Claudia @ www.prettylittledahlia.com

Sarah Hartley said...

Oh my goodness, how sweet. I love the post and those photos are precious.


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