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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Summer Trend : Skater romper


Hi beauties ! One of the perks of being petite , is that you can wear a mini dress without having to worry about being too short on you, like when you bend a little and your behind is exposed , unless your intention is to do a bend and snap ( remember the movie Legally Blond ). First impression , you think this is a dress , nope , its a culottes. So its a skater style romper. I love that its a culottes because you don't have to worry when the wind blows off your skirt, the only thing that gets me when wearing rompers is that you have take  everything down in the restroom , except your bra if you have one on. So its pretty awkward to be almost all naked in public restrooms , really. Sometimes when wearing rompers, I limit my intake on any sorts of drinks , to limit my bathroom trips. I know, you will end up dehydrated or worst kidney problems. Anyway, I don't wear it every single day and I just only went out for dinner, not an all day escapade. So it wasn't a big deal for me. They should make rompers that have little snap on buttons, like baby onesies, so it's easy when you are ready to go lol. It's just a thought. It was pretty windy at that day, so I figured this  blazer will do a good job in keeping me warm , I also love that its floral and very colorful.


blazer : Jessica Simpson ( Macys )
romper : Material girl ( Macys )
sandals : Prabal Gurung for target
Have a great day everyone!
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Kim Alston said...

April, you look so gorgeous doll! That is the cutest romper! It looks just like a dress. I love the print of the blazer! Gorgeous orange bag against that pink and fabulous yellow heels! Again, you look absolutely amazing! So pretty!

chocolatefashioncoffee said...

just love the colors :)


Tiffany Williams said...

I love the blazer! It's so cute & you really brought out the colors in it with that outfit.

Much love,
Bow + Arrows

Cindi said...

Looking at this outfit has to put one in a spring mood - you're like a rainbow of happy, beautiful colours. I especially like the back and the necklace - killer items if you ask me! :)



Cristina Beltran said...

Love your entire outfit but the yellow heels blows me! Love them so much! :)

Anyway, I followed you on google friend connect. :)



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