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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Turnback to 1960's

Hi beauties! Today I'm featuring a 60's inspired floral romper that I bought from Macys . I love the navy color with delicate little floral prints on it. I add an obi belt to cinch up the waist but unfortunately it just keeps rolling up and I have been checking on it time to time . It wasn't brilliant at all. I should have just left it alone in its regular tie or had bought a regular belt with it. I only thought of  adding the belt when I was about to leave the house, it is cute but not very functional.  Let's get back to the romper , I love the style and the georgette material of the romper. I think this kind of romper will go with all body types. Most of all I love the prints, I'm so into floral nowadays. So expect me wearing a lot of florals and prints this summer. Fun fact, did you know that rompers were swimsuits during the 50 and 60s era ? Nowadays, swimsuits got skimpier and skimpier the tinier your bikini the better  and  also nowadays you don't have to be at the beach to wear a romper, you can basically wear it almost everywhere. I'm so not ready for this coming bikini season , when I looked at myself in the mirror , it makes me  want to cry over these post baby pouch ,stretch marks and ugly looking belly button. But when I looked at my precious kids , its all worth it. I will just keep eating healthy and have to go back on my work out routine. So what about you guys, are you ready for bikini season ? Ready or not, let's just have fun and be optimistic, life is short .

credit :myvintagevogue


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chocolatefashioncoffee said...

you look amazing! just love that romper :)


Cindi said...

You look wonderful in that romper and even if the belt may not have been practical it still looks great on the photos :) Personally I never care much about my "bikini-body". First of all I am roughly the same size all year around and second of all I live in a part of the world where you never really know if the summer will turn up at all. I'm just too lazy to spend hours working out, if it then turns out to be raining all summer :)



Minnie said...

you look amazing! the outfit is great :)
have a nice day ♥

Kim Alston said...

It looks great on you April. I love that purple belt with it. Fabulous accessories too.


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