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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dress down, Dress up a Floral Blazer

blazer : Jessica Simpson here
Hi my lovelies! I'm a big fan of floral blazer. It's one of my favorite trend for spring and summer. I just love how it adds a splash of colors to a plain dress or to a tank top and jeans combo. The picture above is what I wore last weekend., very casual. It's one of my go to "mommy looks " it  composed of flat soles, loose tops and a high bun. The picture below is obviously the dressy look as seen on my last post . As you can see the versatility of the floral blazer ,you can dress it up or dress it down. It is definitely a good purchase. I like to buy an item that I can wear it many times and can create different looks. So what do you guys think ?

Shop for Floral Blazers

Floral blazer

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For a more sophisticated look , do the short suit.
short suit

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Thank you everyone and have a great day!

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Sisters Marie said...

i love floral blazers, too! both outfits are beautiful, but especially love it with the dress and yellow heels!

Sisters Marie
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KTs lifestyle said...

blazers make any outfit look fab! you're pretty!

KT http://ktlifestyle.blogspot.com/

Cindi said...

Oh that floral blazer... It is so pretty and also the colours suit you very well because of your skintone. You can get away with wearing much stronger colours than me. Not that I am jalous at all.. cough.



♥ Natalie said...

wooow, bold colors like pink and yellow look so good on you! <3
lovely blazer

Kim Alston said...

Told you that was a great blazer! The colors are so pretty and it's versatile. I love the yellow underneath April and your ankle sandals are fab.

Madeline Veloria said...

LOVE the floral trend...the blazer is so versatile :) I like how you dressed it down with the distressed cut-offs!!

Veloria in Velvet

Frida Hepburn said...

Hello, I've nominated you to a liebster best blog award. You don't have to participate but if you choose to here's a link to the blog post
xoxo Frida


Thania SG said...

how dareful to wear such a bright blazer!

Love ♥ TSG



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