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Monday, June 3, 2013

Efox City

Hi beauties ! Today I'm introducing to you Efox City ,it's  not a city but an online store that sell wholesale clothes , its like a city of fashionable, trendy and affordable items. They have everything from women tops, bottoms, accessories , even prom dresses and wedding dresses, they even have a men's line too. Speaking of men's line, I know that summer is here and its time to put away our coats and jackets, but with crazy Michigan weather, it is always better to be prepared for chilly nights when you go camping or bonfire. So aside from wool jacket for ladies, they also sell wool jacket for men .Ladies , Father's day is around the corner, so you better start shopping. I forgot to mention to you that they just opened a jewelry line too from necklaces, bracelets and earrings for women .So while shopping for your hip, cool and trendy dad , hubby, boyfriend or baby daddy, you might as well reward yourself too right ? Occasion or no occasion, shopping is always fun.

Summer is right here , my favorite season of the year. It is when I can wear my favorite type of clothing. Shall I say dresses, shorts , flowy blouses and bikini. Did I just said bikini? yes I love bikinis, they are so sexy but I don't think I'm ready for that . I have been a slacker, I need reinforcement to get back on my work out routine  but with two kids and the other one is still an infant , its hard to find time to work out. By the time that I'm all done with my mommy duties. I just want to sit down and relax. I know, I know  perseverance is the key to success. Like the saying goes no pain no glory. Anyway, enough of my rants. Speaking of my favorite outfits that I like to wear on summer days. Here are a few items that I like at Efox City. Which one here do you like ?

Graphically Peplum


black and white mod

casual coffee break
neon chess
chic for errands

Thank you for reading and Have a great day everyone!
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1 comment :

Kim Alston said...

All of these are so cute. My favorites are the first 3. How fabulous is that colorful top and black & white is always chic.


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