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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Long Cocktail Dresses

You have an event to attend that requires you to wear something formal. Whatever that occasion is, it may be a wedding, prom or a black tie event . It all comes down to wanting to look sophisticated, sexy, elegant and most of all comfortable. Comfortable has different definition for us women. I'm not talking about sneakers ,shirts and sweat pants ensemble obviously nothing can beat that comfort. I'm talking about being comfortable in a formal event without having to worry about showing too much skin or looking too modest , something that portray enough sexiness and sophistication. Enter, long cocktail dresses.
With this lengthy number, you can get away wearing  towering inches of high heels. Since your legs
can't be shown, you don't have to try to make your legs look long. A couple inches of high heels is good to go, but then if you want to be taller then you might have to do that option. Just make sure the hem of the dress is floor length for a dramatic look specially if the dress have a little train just like the picture above.

Hi and Low dresses had made a major comeback and been getting more and more popular these days.
I for one is a big fan of this style. If your petite like me and you have a dilemma of long dresses that are too long or it just doesn't seem to fit right with our petite proportion. Hi and Low is the answer. The style of this dress will add length and makes you look taller. This dress is of course not just for petites . I think it is universally flattering to most women. I love the dramatic train effect . It flows with you and definitely eye catching.

You can't go wrong with black cocktail dresses.  It is a little bit on the safe side but you can never not be elegant in a little long black cocktail dress. It will instantly make you look slimmer and definitely makes you look classy and sophisticated. Despite the fact that mostly say it is dull or over rated. Just  add the right accessory that would put on the show . A statement necklace perhaps, a bold earrings or bracelet. Accessorizing is the key to get notice.
For more cocktail dresses shop at Persunmall . They have so many to choose from
Have a good day everyone and Thank you for reading!


Kim Alston said...

My favorite is that yellow one! It is so beautiful. I love the details in it.

Adriana Contreras said...

Great photos girl! I love all of those looks, but especially Olivia Palermo's! Her style is amazing!



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