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Monday, August 5, 2013


dress : Arden B.
shoes : style & co. (Macys)

Hi lovelies! How was your weekend ? Mine was beautiful.My family and I spent our weekend celebrating my daughter Olivia's baptism. I always love occasion like that, most specially on my kids for it's a celebration of life with God. It's also a chance for the family and close friends to get together and catch up on things. I love family gatherings, when I was still living in the Philippines, I have a huge family back there ,it's like a battalion and every Sunday me, my siblings and  cousins go to our grandma's house for lunch and during our summer breaks, we spent most our days there. So it's like a party everyday and there's always something to do. Now everybody has all grown up and have their own endeavors in life. Regardless, A family is a family , you might not  see each other or talk to each other more often but deep inside each one them has a special place in your heart. Okay, I'm getting too dramatic here.

 Let's move on , Another reason why I love special occasions like this, is that I love  to dress up and the occasion calls for the chance for me to wear this peplum dress that I bought last Christmas, when I was still pregnant with Olivia. I was really hoping that it will fit on me after the baby, that was really risky of me buying the dress , not even knowing how it will turn out after I had the baby. I don't normally shop like that, I'm more like " I buy it now, I wear it now ".I was even surprised myself but I guess that was my impatient and impulsive pregnant hormones kicking in. I'm just glad, that I finally fit in this dress now, at least it's not wasted and most of all my hard work with the grueling  Insanity work out is slowly paying off. I swear, losing baby weight is such a struggle for me. But I would have to do a separate post of that about losing baby weight or else this post would turn out to be a novel, you probably be snoozing before you know it or have you already lol.

Have a great week everyone and thanks for stopping by

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Natalie said...

You're such a pretty lady! Love how the green looks on you :)

Stop by sometime, xo Natalie

Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

What a wonderful weekend, that's so great to hear about your daughter. You are absolutely beautiful. I love the dress paired with the nude heels. The heels go so well with your skintone, too. Glad to have found your blog, new follower here!

Cristina Beltran said...

Love the color of the dress, as well as the bracelet and bag! Nice outfit! ;)


Annas Obsession said...

Great outfit!

Madeline Veloria said...

Gorgeous dress! Love the kelly green color, the peplum, and the off-the-shoulder :) This is definitely your color!!

Veloria in Velvet

♥ Natalie said...

The color is sooo stunning! <3 lovely dress (:

vivalablonda said...

Amazing dress, you look so elegant


Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

Good thing you went for it with the dress - it fits you really well and it is GORGEOUS. Congrats on your little one's baptism. Such a special time for your family!

Lauren @ Style Elixir said...

Emerald was made for you, woman!

Thank you for linking up with Style Sessions!

Lauren xx

Fash Boulevard said...

I really need to add more emerald to my wardrobe. This dress is perfection on you. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'm sharing my Vanity Fair feature on my blog today. :) xo


CodeOverdressed said...

You look so gorgeous in emerald! The dress is just adorable and super chic, perfect dress for Olivia's baptism! I love the name, if I ever have a daughter I'd love to call it like that!

Cee. ♥
Code Overdressed

arash mazinani said...

Lovely outfit post, thanks for coming over and commenting on my blog, really appreciate it. The nude shoes and brown bag work perfectly with the emerald green.

Stacia Momany said...

LOVE those shoes!!!!

The Simply Kelly said...

so beautiful dress...u look so classy and elegant


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