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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Jewelry Spotlight: Ara Nicole

Hi my lovelies! When you get dress or go shopping and you want  to  create a look. Do you  pick an outfit first or  pick a certain statement jewelry then base your outfit on the jewelry ? My answer to that is both, but most of the time I pick an outfit first. However you style your look, its always important to pick the right jewelry for your outfit. Jewelries play a vital role in ones look. They could make or break an outfit.
Today I'm featuring Ara Nicole. They cater trendy, chic, edgy and affordable
fashion jewelries. They have handcrafted items from new designers that are absolutely beautiful and the designs are creatively and uniquely made.
Here are my favorites.....


Earrings and Rings

Aren't they divine ? What are the ones  do you like ? Check for more of these beautiful jewelries at
Ara Nicole and use the coupon code sweetescape20.
Thank you and Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

I love them! :)

Dressing Up For Me said...

They are gorgeous especially the lavender cocktail ring! As to which I do first I usually put on my outfit and then worry about my jewelry later. ;)


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