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Friday, September 20, 2013

Denim on Denim

Fall fall fall is almost here, actually some of us  who are living on northern part of the equator might have experienced fall weather already. Fortunately, on this side of the state that I lived, we are still holding up summer weather and while Mr. Sun is still on it, why not take the opportunity to continue wear shorts. In a matter of few days or weeks we are back to long jeans, boots and jackets once again. Enough of the weather and back to the post. Denim on denim, I have seen a lot of street style looks on this, which inspires me to make my own rendition as well. I have to say, this is my favorite summer outfit , I wear this pairings a lot of times anywhere and everywhere because they are very neutral that you can easily play with any shoes, bags and accessories . So finally I have my picture taken on this. I don't normally take outfit pictures everyday or every time I go out, with two kids in tow, it's impossible. So just once a week or if I get lucky, twice a week. I love to chronicle my outfits and I love reading fashion blogs. It's my sweet escape of my busy crazy mommy life. I rarely watch any shows unless if it's a show both me and my husband liked and then we can both watch it together. I don't play candy crush, I don't spend all day on the phone, I only use my computer on my free time, like my kids nap time and bed time. So ,I thought when Lucas starts going to kindergarten, it would be a lot easier in the house hold, but not really, since I have a lot of chores to catch up and plus an 8 month old baby on my side, but it has always been like that. It's like I'm being chase with work , time or it's just me giving myself the pressure to get things done that day. I'm just so lucky to be blessed with a husband who constantly reminds me to slow down and things will eventually get done and come into place. Ever since I became a mom, I have never seen my house super squeaky clean and not get a single mess in not more than 48 hours. So I just have to take a breather, lower my standards a bit and just enjoy the beautiful mess :)

shirt : H&M (old)
hi-waist shorts : American Eagle
sandals: Gianni Beni
bag : Louis Vuitton

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Alexandra Zakharova said...

oh I personally hate mess, I'm cleaning up my house every day no matter how tired I am:) Maybe it's a bit weird, but I can't take it easy:) As for the outfit, I must say you look wonderful) Those sandals are super lovely! Those photographs are adorable also!
Wish you a blessed day ahead!


Roma said...

Wish I could still wear this at this time of the year!:)



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