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Monday, September 30, 2013

Phillip Lim for Target

Two weeks ago was the launching of the limited edition of Phillip Lim for Target collaboration. I was one of those people who woke so up early just to snag similar designs of Phillip Lim's luxury "it" bags. I have to say that at first look they are immaculately beautiful in person but when I examined it , the stitches are off, but I still bought them. I figured I would just make it as my everyday bag, like a lazy run to the grocery stores or pharmacy. Lo and behold , 6 days later the lock magnet came off. This is the soonest ever in my life that a bag broke . I was in dismay, since I LOVE the design. I love the  details  and the pocketing of the bag. Like what they say, you get what you pay for! but only a week of love affair with this bag is totally uncalled for. The day after the broken lock, I still manage to wear it to my friend's birthday party to pair it with Phillip Lim's printed skirt. I LOVE the skirt, I get lots of compliment of it. I was planning to fix the lock of the bag, but when I got home, the stitching is starting to come off. So I have to say good bye and nice to have you around for a short while Mr. Lim x Target bag. Maybe I'm just unlucky enough to get the  not so well made product because some of my friends got the same bag as me and theirs are still alive. But anyhow, I LOVE Mr. Lim's Target collection specially this skirt and the blue sweater  which I will make post about it when it's cooler enough to wear it.

notice the un alignment of the bag ? Yup, the lock is broke.

Top : Urban Outfitters get similar here
necklace : Macys
Skirt : 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target buy  here
sandals : Mark Fischer
bag : 3.1 Phillip Lim

It was warm that day, but I'm just showing it to you how I will style this if the temperature drops.It's nice to have a denim jacket around. I always have it  in the car with me specially when weather is transitioning to fall. Michigan weather is so unexpected sometimes.




Pooja Mittal said...

The bag looks really nice with a broken lock, i wouldn't have noticed it had u not written it...
Loved your skirt
Keep in touch,

Alexandra Zakharova said...

No, I didn't notice that the lock of your bag is broken, untill you have said it:) I've got to say you look chic and classy! In love with shoes:) Those photographs are adorable as well)
Wish you a blessed day ahead!


Rachel Lynne said...

You look stunning! Love this outfit! :)

Madeline Veloria said...

You look gorgeous...lucky girl you were able to snag so many items!! Love it paired with the denim jacket too!

Veloria in Velvet


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