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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Joy Ride to Frankenmuth


Last weekend , we went for a little getaway to Frankenmuth, MI. We always come here at least once a year. We stroll around at The River Place, It's like a mini German Village with little boutiques, bakeries and fudge stores. Aside from a wide array display of fudge , they  also show you a demo on how to make fudge ,unfortunately at that time nobody was doing it. It would have been cool for Lucas to witness that. Anyways, it was so cold that day that I can't wait to get inside the little shops and forgot about taking pictures, but I somehow manage to take a few snaps.

We stopped by and grabbed a popcorn at Popcorn Wagon . They have all kinds of flavor , it was really good and they are generous with their servings too. We bought a medium size just for a taste test but when the lady handed it to us, its like a large size, it could feed the whole family.

Enjoying their popcorn, so serious that they didn't even bother to look at me and say "cheese". They just want to eat that's it.

I remember Lucas used to be super obsessed with Smurfs when it first came out. He still loves them until now, but unlike before he talks about it a lot and watched their old shows on You Tube in every waking moment of his life. So when we bumped into these figures along the bricked streets of the River Place, he was so delighted  and got star struck  and couldn't contain himself not to take pictures with them.

photo credits : babyboomerlaugline
Then we went to Bronners Christmas Wonderland , a place where Christmas is all year round. I LOVE that place, it makes me feel like a kid again. Those were the days  I believe, that there was a  "real" Santa Clause  and I even encountered  an argument with that on one of my classmates during my elementary days that Santa was real. My dad was so good in make beliefs or maybe I was just a gullible kid or  maybe..... I was just being a kid, enjoying my carefree childhood moments. Anyhow, Lucas loves the place as well, who doesn't right ?

They have all kinds of display, EVERYTHING about Christmas is here! From Christmas trees, ornaments, villages, lights, figurines , plates , utensils etc. etc. They also do personalized stuffs on ornaments and stockings. We always buy our personalized ornaments here. You buy the items, they personalized it for free and since this is Olivia's first Christmas,  we bought her first stockings and of course we let  Lucas picked them and yes, pink it is for Olivia. We bought as well a ginger bread family ornament with our names on each ginger bread man. I would say this is our first Christmas family portrait this year with Olivia...... well, in a gingerbread Christmas ornament. For sure, we will have more family portraits this coming Holidays but I'm pretty much delighted with these little munchkins. They are so cute don't you think ?
photos via Pinterest collaged by me
credits : Zehnders

Now who doesn't go to Frankenmuth without dinning at Zehnder's Restaurant. They are so popular with their Chicken Dinners. We ordered family style, if you are out of chicken or any sides, you can always ask for more, be sure to come  hungry .Maybe make a reservation because the line is endless,all the way to the streets, not kidding. I've been here quite sometimes and this was the first time that there was no line at all, they took us right in. By the time you are inside the restaurant, enjoy German fine dining ambiance with their servers wearing attires that goes with the theme and ambiance of the restaurant, brilliant. Chicken dinners is $20 per person.

oh my Leonardo!

So this is our humble mini weekend getaway. It doesn't matter where you go and what you do as long as you enjoy each others company and cherish each little moments. So this are just one of my family's  precious moments for keeps and I'm always looking forward for more to come. I hope you enjoy my first post on my Lifestyle page.

Have a great weekend everyone !

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