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Monday, November 4, 2013

Pumpkin Spice


One of the best things about fall, aside from Halloween,Thanksgiving and pumpkin spice Starbucks coffee, is the light layering of outfits . Not too warm like summer and not too cold like winter, but comfortable enough to wear lightweight jackets and t-shirts underneath. Speaking of pumpkin spice coffee, it seems like my outfit goes well with that too.....very pumpkish  trousers matched with moss, black and brown combo , very nature inspired . I'm almost about  to take the Amazon jungle.

This outfit have so much going on with prints and contrasting textures, so I opted to wear just a little make up. Some light eye shadows, nude lips and I'm good to go. I seriously need my bangs trimmed though.

This trousers from Loft that I bought last year is the most comfortable ever and I love the pajama look prints as well too.
top : J.Crew (old)
jacket : Guess
trousers : Loft
shoes: BCBG
bag: Ralph Lauren
scarf: Kohls


Marlen said...

ooo i really love all the pattern play here! but since they're all such dark neutral colors, it's not overwhelming at all. and i LOVE your pumpkin spice pants haha they're so classy!

PS- im popping by from trend spin!

xo marlen
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Jessi said...

I have those same pants!! In love with them. Especially with that great jacket! Amazing pattern mixing and use of color :)
Visiting from Trend Spin! :)

Cindi said...

What an awesome jacket! I love that you kept the colors discrete and let the patterns play the stars :)



Madeline Veloria said...

This is seriously such a good outfit!!! Love the mix of prints, textures, and colors...perfection!

Veloria in Velvet

Dressing Up For Me said...

Loving the color palette, April! Aren´t those pants fabulous? I´m liking the rusty color vibe to it. :)

Izael Garrido said...

You have an unique blog, I will keep my eyes on you :)


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