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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Philippines . November 8, 2013 super typhoon Haiyan brought havoc and heart breaking catasthropic event in the islands of Leyte, Samar, Aklan, Antique, Capiz , Palawan and some parts of Cebu. I'm sure most of us already know on how many lives have been lost, the trauma and damages that   typhoon Haiyan have brought in this country . I will just spare you from the heart wrenching and gruesome pictures. I'm sure you had enough of it , since they are everywhere on TV, internet and popular social medias like facebook and twitter. It's been six days since the aftermath of typhoon Haiyan and within those days, it has brought me so much mixed emotions, awareness and reflection. With that, I will take a blog break for a week to mourn and show respect for the lives that has been lost and for the survivors that are in a very difficult unimaginable situation right now. In behalf of my fellow countrymen, I would  also like to say THANK YOU  to all the countries in the world for reaching out in helping the victims of typhoon Haiyan. God bless your hearts.

For those of you who would like to donate just go to this website PHILLIPPINE RED CROSS . God bless your hearts and thank you so much for your help.

Let us also pray for the lives that has been lost and the victims of this tragic event.
Thank you so much for reading

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