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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spring Forward : Prints on prints

Its pretty obvious that we still have snow here in the midwest.Im just so tired of this weather.Ok,enough of the complain. I cant wait for spring and summer , as a result of my impatience.I wore a spring inspired outfit yesterday.Big,rich,bold and bright prints.Im so inspired of combining prints on prints.Im always fascinated with colors,florals and vintage inspired prints.
Though this printed cropped trousers that i bought at Loft was last falls collection. I think its a prefect combination with this rich bold paisley top which my friend gave me... I love it, it reminds me of Hermes scarves.

top : Arden B. similar SPLURGE HERE or STEAL HERE
pants : Loft buy HERE
bag : Diane Von Furstenberg similar HERE
shoes; Style&Co similar STEAL HERE or SPLURGE HERE
coat: Calvin Klein

Have a great week everyone!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Winter Pastel

I love pastel and  georgette blouses. I love the delicate and feminine style of it, a real girly girl. As we all know,pastel is the color for spring and summer. But I think we can get away with it , by pairing our favorite pastel with winter hues like greys, brown and other earth tone colors. This cold winter weather makes me dismal , so that is why I opted to lighten up a bit with this blush blouse and besides it was a day we celebrate love.
I love this leopard booties I bought during the" after Christmas shopping" last year. I think finishing it up with this wild pair , gives a little bit character to my simple minimalistic outfit .
Happy belated Valentines day everyone! Did you had a great Valentines day? I did :)
Have a great week !
Blouse : Forever 21
Coat : Guess ( last year )
velvet leggings : Vera Wang
bag : Kate Spade
booties : Calvin Klein
lipstick : Nicki Minaj for MAC

Thursday, February 7, 2013

What to wear : one month postpartum

 Its been awhile since i havent done an " Outfit of the Day " post. Its been awhile too since i get to dress up. Every single day im in sweatpants or pj's.....just staying in, taking care and cuddling up with my one month old baby princess,Olivia. I just love every minute of it...i carry her all the time.People are like " When are you putting that baby down? " that kind of thing.She's always in my arms because its irresistable, babies smells so good.Anyways, i can go all day talking about my baby. But since this a personal style fashion blog....im gonna stick to fashion , although im gonna drop some mommy-baby-family  post here and there. But the posts are mostly about fashion related ideas, thats why its called  Sweet Escape. Its my outlet from being a mom and a wife. Sometimes we just need that little space for ourselves and i believe each one of us should have that little space . It could be anything as long as you enjoy it. I believe that i need to take care of myself too so i can  be better in taking care of others. Its means that i have to put myself together emotionaly,spiritualy and physicaly so i can give the best of me.

Last weekend, it was one of my friends birthday and we went out to dinner. My hubby took care of the two kids, he is such a sweetheart. Its been awhile since i havent seen my girls, so i was really excited to see them again.

About the look :

One month postpartum is one of the most challenging to dress up with. My tummy is not really back to normal yet , i still have a little bump.Im not rushing things though ,im taking it slow because im breastfeeding. The only thing that i really need to breakthrough is to stop my cravings for chips,cakes and chocolates.For some reason, i have those cravings after im pregnant,not the other way around.

So to camouflage my saggy bump, i chose this chiffon dress shirt that i bought from Forever 21 last year.

blazer: Candies @ Kohls
dress shirt : Forever 21
leggings: Guess
boots : INC @ Macys

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Bundle of Joy

She's finally here, our family's most awaited bundle of joy... our precious little princess, Olivia Lourdes.She was born Jan.4 at exactly 2:00 pm, weighs 7lbs. and 21 inchess tall.Whats in the name ? Olivia - a latin in origin ,from an olive tree- a symbol of beauty,dignity and fruitfullness. Lourdes - my mom's name. She's in heaven now with the lord and i really miss her, every single day of my life.

I cant believe she's one month old already....next thing i know, we will be celebrating her first birthday, then she will be going to preschool and so on and so forth with all the milestones of her life.Thats why i always hug, kiss, cuddle, dance her all the time,almost all day long.....i do the same thing too with my first born Lucas.Its such an intimate bonding with my kids.They grow so fast..so now while they are still little i spoil them with lots of hugs and kisses.

Happy one month old my baby princess.You are a dream come true.Mommy,daddy and Lucas feel so happy and so blessed to have you in our life. Love you baby....


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