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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Everyday Eye Make Up Look with Urban Decay (NAKED 1 )

Hi my lovelies ! Today I just want to share with you an everyday eye make up look or shall I call it the "mommy look ".since I don't have a lot of time  to play around with eye shadows because I'm always in a rush in getting ready ,unless if there is a special event where I will try to squeeze in my schedule on spending a lot more time infront of the mirror, but with an "everyday look " like going to the mall, lunch with family/friends or sometimes errands. I stick with the basic and the " fresh look " . It took me less than 5 minutes.
I'm sure most of you have your own  version of an everyday eye make up look but I just want to share with you what shades  i used with Urban Decay Naked 1 eye palette to achieve this everyday eye make up look. Before I start with the step by step instruction. I want to give you my honest review about this Urban Decay Naked 1.
1) First off, I love the shades of  this palette as compared to Naked 2 since it has a lot of warm shades   (gold,browns and neutrals ) . In my opinion ,if you compare them next to each other they don't have that big of a difference. So i skip on the Naked 2 ,besides I don't do very dark smokey eye make up anyway.  I have a warm skintone, very tan and I think Naked 1 suits me better. On the other hand , about 3 months ago Urban decay  released Naked 3,  its  totally different from the previous two. It has more pink hues, a very feminine and romantic palette. I love it and its a promising purchase prospect for me.
 2) Pigmented and blendable - they are highly pigmented and so easy to blend.
 3) Different looks - you can achieved different looks with this palette from everyday  to a glam look. Get creative and play around with these eyeshadows.
4) Stays longer specially if you use their Urban decay eye primer . If you want your eye make up to stay all day, you got to have an eye primer.

Step by step instruction to achieved an everyday eye make up look using Urban Decay NAKED :

Prime - Im using Urban Decay eye primer to prime. I apply  it on my eyelid. The importance of a primer is that it will make your eye shadows stays longer, easier to blend and reduce the appearance of crease lines.

Find your crease line and use the shade TOASTED. Apply it from outer corner of your crease  all the way the center part of your crease line. Don't rub it back and fort, start from the outer to the  inside

I used SIN on the eyelid including the inner corner of the eye

I used HUSTLE on the outer corner of the eye

Blend it from the outer corner of the eye all the way to the center

I used NAKED on the brow bone to highlight the eyebrows

I used SIN to line from the inner corner all the way to the middle of the lower eyelid. I do this to make my eyes look bigger.

I used DARKHORSE to line my lower eyelid from the middle all the way to the corner.

I finish it up with an eyeliner on the upper lashline.

There you go , a quick and simple everyday look using Urban Decay NAKED palette.

Thank you so much for reading and Have a great day !


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