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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Life Lately : Spring Break Edition

Just last Spring Break, we went for a mini get-away at Kalahari Water park. It's at Sandusky, Ohio about two hours and a half drive from our house, not bad at all. Since having two kids, I have this phobia of travelling too far. I have this feeling that I might not be able to handle it. My husband always reassures me , that it will be fine. Ever since we had Olivia ( our youngest) he had helped me so much with the kids, he took over some of my motherly duties with Lucas like driving him to school everyday, picking him up too if it's too cold out, tucking him to bed and basically played with Lucas all the time, they are like best buddies in their own little boys world . Steve (my hubby) and Lucas became more closer than ever ,since Olivia was born .I  really feel greatful and blessed. It takes a LOT of work and patience of having kids. So having a partner who tremendously helped me with the kids is definitely more than i can ask for. I don't know how i may sound to you , but just allow me to express my emotions in this little blog of how proud I am of my husband (I know, I'm cheesy like that) Ofcourse, Like any other happily married couple, life is not always a bed of roses but what matters most is that at the end of the day , you know there is somebody  who always cares for you and love you with all their heart.

Now let's talk about Kalahari Resort , it's an African Safari theme water park . It's one of the biggest indoor and outdoor water park in America. Since it was still cold when we went there, we only get to use to indoor water park, but even that itself it's already huge. They have 19 amusement rides they have some for smaller kids , big kids and adults. Me and Olivia's favorite is the Lazy River , obviously she is still a baby so floating on top of an inter tube is the most we can do as of the moment.  Lucas's favorite is the Wave Pool, him and his dad went there numerous times. He likes the slides but not as much as the Wave Pool, I think he get a little bit scared of the slides. Kalahari have so much to offer for everyone , there is always something to do, that at the end of the day , you get really tired and the kids were out in a snap.

We played at least two hours in the Arcade

We also played mini bowling

We also took a little ride to Frankenmuth . A little German Village in Michigan , we had popcorn , french macarons and a chocolate fudge. They make the best chocolate fudge.

It was tons of fun , Kalahari is definitely well suited for families.  I wish I had more pictures though but with two little kids, it's hard to keep up.

Thank you so much for reading and Have a great day!


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