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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fashion : Full Midi Skirts

top : Express
bag : Tory Burch
skirt : Express
shoes : Guess (old)

I have been obsessing on the full midi skirt trend since it came out last year's Spring season. I just didn't
have to courage to buy it because I wasn't sure if it would suit on me. But every time i  see a fashion icon, street style bloggers, editors and celebrities strutting their full midi skirts. I always adore them in it, it reminds me of  1960's vintage style. I always love the fashion circa of 1960's, it's a very sweet, feminine and classic look. So when I saw this full skirt at Express last Christmas season, I got really excited. I tried it on and I like it. So it went home with me. I wore it once on a friend's birthday party and I paired it with a black lace top,  kind of like an Audrey Hepburn style but unfortunately I don't have a solo picture of it because the weather was really bad and it was so cold outside to take outfit pictures. So today, I wore this  ball skirt again and this time I paired it with a floral crop top from Express as well. So what do you think of this style, do you like the full midi skirt trend as well  ?

My fashion inspiration for today is no other than my all time favorite fashion icon, the stunning and beautiful  Ms. Audrey Hepburn

 I would love to recreate this look, so effortless and chic.

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Pooja Mittal said...

I am still to try this trend, I like it I others but do t know how it will look in me.
U look so pretty on floral top and the gorgeous middi skirt. The bottom of skirt has such nice detailing

Cindi said...

Wauw April, this look went straight into my inspiration folder! So stylish and original. I am looking forward to see what else you can do with that skirt :)



Andrea Santos said...

I like the bit of a twist in your middi skirt, makes it more modern. Come by and check out my blog, if you like it, I would love it if you followed me.

xo Andrea

Cynthia @ My Rose Colored Shades said...

I've been on the hunt for a midi skirt as well but haven't been successful. I love this one because the sheer block is just at the right spot and gives the whole look an edge. Great look.

Angela Amores said...

Love your skirt!!! I too love the 1950's and 60's with the feminine skirts similar to the one you are wearing. Love your fashion inspiration. Such a beautiful lady inside and out. Love how you styled your skirt with those cute red shoes. :)

Nicole Layne said...

I fell in love with that skirt when it first came out also! It looks great on you! I might have to check it out again. Great outfit!

Nicole to the Nines


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