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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lifestyle : A Soccer Theme Baby Shower

Last weekend , I co-hosted one of my close friend Devi, a baby shower for Honey ,one of our girlfriends. I'm very into creating and hosting  events like baby shower , birthdays , Christmas parties and such. If I could have all the time and energy in the world , I would love to do it all the time. I get really excited and passionate about the creative process in hosting events. I love the brainstorming of creative ideas and making d.i.y (do it yourself) crafts. It is definitely a lot of time and work involved.Good thing my friend Devi, is a top notch on getting stuff done.In creating events , as simple it may be teamwork is definitely an essential.

Most of the stuffs here are D.I.Y projects , blame it on Pinterest for tons of inspirations. 

We  also made the fondant cake ourselves. I swear I couldn't make that two tier fondant cake all by myself, with Olivia being so mobile already , it's very hard . It is always awesome to have somebody to work with especially on meticulous projects like this.We got a little mistake on the top tier of our fondant cake though. Hey, we are just amateurs . So a lesson learned that next time, we have to be very careful. On the top tier of the cake, we made red velvet with cream cheese filling and frosting. For the base cake, we made a German chocolate cake with chocolate filling and frosting.

You can never have too many cakes in a party and this cake is delish!

We are like little girls who got super excited and giggly when we found this green tinted Mason jar jug.
 We already bought the Mason jars and we were looking a jug for the punch. When we spot this at Home Goods, it was a golden moment. What makes us really excited ? Coz it's green . Yes, it's shallow happiness and one of our epic shopping moment experience.

On prizes for the baby shower games, we chose Crabtree and Evelyn and Bath and Body Works products. This two brands built a household name already and a lot of  people love them. I myself is a big fan of both brands, so we thought this is also a great idea to give away as baby shower prizes.

So those are just some ideas for a Soccer Theme Baby Shower. Since I love parties and events, I decided to share to you my lovely readers ,some blog post from time to time on party ideas and inspirations.Besides, this blog is called "Sweet Escape" it means  my little web getaway of a busy life of a stay-at-home mom of two. It is a blog about other things that I'm passionate about beside from being passionate in taking care of my family and raising the kids. I do believe, that as a woman and a mom it is important to reconnect yourself sometimes with your inner self. For me, I  love  writing , fashion, beauty, baking, crafts and all that girly stuff. I may not be the best on any of those that I mentioned, but I'm just so glad to have discovered the world of blogosphere because I was able to share my thoughts and ideas on  things I love. It also a great way in connecting to people who share the same passion like me and It's also inspiring to read their stories and successes. So that is my little point of view on why I love to blog. Hopefully you enjoy this post , I would love to see you around and have a great day.



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Ike BabyShowers said...

I love sport related baby showers. My friend had a baseball one and it was adorable. Your soccer theme looks amazing!


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